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Tomcat RIO

Confucius say, man in wooden ship , should not play with fire

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hi all, here with my 3rd moc wip thread on this forum. Chinese junks are rare to find in lego MOC(and they always look good). From where i'm from, they were quite common historical boats in the south east asian seas, plying trade between china, the south china sea, across the indonesia archipelago. having watched POTC and lord Saofeng, i was inspired to make one typical chinese junk for the pirates based in Singapore (trust me Singapore's pirates did not look like that :) )

this is the Qing Long, which translates to Green Dragon. the hull is built on the harrypotter durmstrag ship, for a short and wide hull. too short in my opinion.


bamboo ribbed sails were made of simple drawing paper, printed with the design of the lego set emperor's ship, template found right here on the 'master index' forum thread. then holes cut, and stuck on technic poles



figure head is a dual pair of dragon-crocs on either side, spouting flames..


in the center is the ballista shooter from the troll warship set. the ancient chinese had designed lots of siege and naval weaponry without gunpowder since the 3rd cen. BC. and i happened to have it lying around.


the primary weapon, with a shorter range than the ballista is the flame catapult from KK2 8873


the sides of the junk are 'armour plated', so to speak, using lots of CMF baseplates. i would link them up using green 1X1 studs or long 1 stud width plates when i get them.


the plates are attached to the hull using a slope bracket


also, the center of the hull has an opening for 2 grille 8x8 plates. i bricked up the rear one, but i'll need one for the front. this is a temporary substitute


and some of the crew.. most are dragon knights from 1993, armed with the neo-feudal 19cent. style of longsword and rifles.




however, for the commander, i used the samurai from MF3, as the feudal japanese helmet was similar to those of the late Qing dynasty warlords.



as you can see behind the lord, is a small yellow prayer altar. Chinese folklore and tradition prayed to a sea spirit to ensure their safety in the seas.. but for the victims of this pirate junk, safety is in doubt.

C and C are welcome! and espeically on the bow of the hull, i need to widen it to make it more 'squarish' like a real junk.

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Nice job, Tomcat.

Unfortunately I'm not an experienced shipbuilder and can't offer help.

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I'm guessing the colour is due to lack of parts?

Ships are brick intensive even smaller one's.

The first thing I'd do is move the fore mast back a few studs.

here's a good ref pic


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I'm guessing the colour is due to lack of parts?

Ships are brick intensive even smaller one's.

The first thing I'd do is move the fore mast back a few studs.

here's a good ref pic

thanks for the opinion Tazmaniac and fred67!

yup- i have a severe lack of brown parts as it is currently used by another project, but if i wished, i can paint the parts brown, though it would not be nice... sigh

as for the red deck and green parts, some of the modern junks i've been on in hongkong have nice carpeted decks, or green/blue and red dragon motifs painted on the wooden sides. i think those are restaurants however, not plundering pirates avast! just trying to mix and match.

yup i will move the foremast back, looking at your picture, seems the bow has quite a steep incline that starts further back amidships compared to those i found on google. will see what i can do..

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with some hilarious turnaround, i decided to set fire to the ship. jump!! argh, the ship is afire!!

no, joking. i am rebuilding the bow and stern sections, following from tazmaniac and more pictures i found on google. and most importantly, more bricks are incoming !!!







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Hi everyone, after a long time away I am back! Continued progress on the QingLong. This time, instead of the old harry potter hull, I opted for a full brick built hull, which I can control width and gradient. Parallel sides was cross barred, and created a frame on which the long green bricks were added.



with the MF series black tiles, i added them as a psuedo jumper tile


white bricks added to give a gradient





the bow and stern waterline was finished up with slopes and a 'rudder'



the front of the junk was built with 2 crocodragons spouting flame as seen in the Mk1 version.

Here you can also see the details of the bow section plates and bowsprit areas. Junks have a flat sloping bow above the waterline.





however, after some consideration of the bricks that i own, i decided the white bricks must be saved at all costs for another project, hence replaced with more green bricks. for a final version colour scheme.


In the following pictures you can see my humble attempt to step and gradient the hull from front to back and top to waterline, creating slopes using the standard bricks, without jumper tiles.







The main mast is made of a bracket attached to a swiveling tile, allows the entire assembly to rotate. mast itself is made of 1x8 plates.. I ran out of the standard ship masts..


A trapdoor compartment allows goods to be stored, i need to add a plate base below decks, otherwise the goods will literally fall through the bottom.


The roof is a thachy appearance, will need more plates.


Mistress Qing stands outside the cabin, whose door needs to be replaced soon with a proper opaque one.


the interior is bare at the moment, probably going to return the incense shrine from version1, as well as adding chinese themed ornaments. Any particular Asian-Chinese/Korea/Japanese furniture MOCs to recommend?


that is all for now..

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I like this junk ship very much, probably on the better side of the ones ive seen :thumbup: Keep up the good work!

:pir_bawling::cannon: Haha, thats, a funny combination of faces :pir-laugh:

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Have finalised and almost done with Qinglong v3.0

Changes made were to the cabin and rear deck, rearrange brick layout, more windows and added bamboo shades (painted windows). The Thatched roof replaced with commander deck. Another touch was to attach viking dragon wings to the rear cabin for more appearance like a 'Long'.





photo taken against a black background for clearer view of the sails.


also changed the masts and used pirate tree trunks instead. This resembles bamboo poles more. I wanted to use round 2x2 and 1x1 bricks but ran out, otherwise would have made straighter masts.

An extra Sail also was made and positions shuffled.



More crew is added. And I added a custom minifig Commander who is Guanyu, carrying a big "don't mess with me" 4 barreled pistol. This is just pure fiction,as the general served in the 3rd century AD and never was on a pirate boat.




custom dragon mouth cannons.


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