Eurobricks Collectable LEGO Minifigures Series 3 Building Contest

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Eurobricks Collectable LEGO Minifigures Series 3 Building Contest

[CATEGORY B Entries]


Category B - Build an Interaction Vignette between Minifigures Series 1, 2 & 3

Build an 16x16 vignette from any theme where you could display one of the minifigure inside Series 1 and Series 2, together interacting with an imaginary minifigure inside Series 3. As long your vignette is able to show the interaction between these three series, then you are on the right track. Take this opportunity to build and write a good original storyline to impress us. Anything is possible.

Where would you display one of these in the above categories?


Space Alien ~ Snowboarder ~ Fisherman ~ Samurai Warrior ~ Sumo Wrestler ~ Elf ~ Tribal Chief ~ Rapper

Space Villain ~ Hula Dancer ~ Tennis Player ~ Mummy ~ Gorilla Suit Guy ~ Baseball Player ~ Race Car Driver ~ Pilot


Category B - The Rules

  1. Build a vignette that measures 16 studs by 16 studs (No height limit).
  2. You are require to write a storyline background to explain the vignette interaction story between the selected minifigures in Series 1 and Series 2, following by the imaginary minifigure in Series 3.
  3. The chosen minifigure from Series 1 and Series 2 is required to be shown in the entry, while the imaginary minifigure from Series 3 is not allow to be seen in the entry.
  4. A reasonable overhang is allowed to accommodate tree limbs or minifigure accessories, but may not exceed more than 2 studs outside the base.
  5. You may use the same type of minifigure from your previous categories.
  6. This is a building contest. Be creative. Any themes is allow as long you are able to relate the interaction between both minifigs from different series.
  7. No Series 3 minifigures are required. You don't need to own the figure you create a home for, and it will not improve your chances if you do. You may not include the official minifigure or it's new accessories/parts from Series 3 in your official entry pictures. You may use accessories that already existed, like the microphone, but not new ones from Series 3 like the longbow, for example. Please note Series 1 and 2 minifigures and parts are allow in this category.
  8. No clone brands or custom parts including decals, stickers, cut outs unless it's official TLG stickers.
  9. Custom parts includes BricksArms, BrickForge, etc.
  10. No placeholder minifigure (Series 3) can be used to reflect the actual position in the entry.
  11. There is no parts limit as long as it all fits within the vignette.
  12. Entries are to be posted in this topic.
  13. One entry per person. An entry must include a picture (no larger than 800x600) showing the vignette without the minifigure you built it for. Include the name (type) of that minifigure and the theme that you have done. Other minifigures may appear in the pictures. You may include up to 2 more images following the same rules. If you choose to take additional pictures, you may link to an outside gallery.
  14. Digital backgrounds are allowed.
  15. No webcam or handphone camera images can be used for the submitted entry. It must be taken in a clean and decent background with enough brightness to show the beauty of your entry.
  16. The contest begins now and will end on the 14th of March, 2011 at 1200hrs (GMT+8). Voting will begin immediately after that and will last 7 days.
  17. In the event of a tie, the Staff will vote to decide the winner(s) and all Staff decisions are final.
  18. Any violation of the rules will be subject to disqualification.

The Voting!

At the end of the entry period, a posting topic will appear listing the eligible entries for the above categories. Members who joined prior to the start of the contest will then be able to post how they wish to use their 3 points to vote for the entries they like best. A single entry may receive all 3 points, or the points may be divided between 2 or 3 entries, however the voter wishes. Detailed voting rules will be announced at the start of the voting.

It's just that simple!

Please use this thread for any further discussions or questions pertaining to this contest and most of all ...

Have fun!


Edited by WhiteFang
Deadline extension

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Here is my entry!


Series 1: Nurse

Series 2: Lifeguard

Series 3(Imaginary): Fisherman

Theme: City/beach

Story: A local fisherman was pulled into the water by something much bigger than him. The lifeguard on duty was able to get him to shore. He was later taken to a hospital by a nurse and some EMTs.




Edited by Dan Church

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* Darwin revisited *

Minifigs: Gorilla, Caveman & Disco Dude


My interpretation of Evolution!

A picture featuring the Gorilla MF can be seen here

*edit* I just found the 1x1 red tile I was missing, so I took another picture!

Edited by Yatkuu

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My entry for category B.

Series 1: Zombie

Series 2: Vampire

Series 3: Mummy

Out of a sudden all evil comes to earth. Chaos breaks loose. Humans tried to hide but a lot of them where killed immediately. The few remaining ones are now on the run. Hunted by monsters, creatures and unbelievable nightmares. Some say even a dragon was sighted.

But beware, evil lurks in the most uncommon places.


The End is here! 01 by plisskeneb, on Flickr


The End is here! 02 by plisskeneb, on Flickr


The End is here! 03 by plisskeneb, on Flickr

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Series 1: Robot

Series 2: Pharaoh

Series 3: Mummy

Story: Thousands of years later, when humans went the way of Dinosaur, a new robotic race walks the earth. On a scientific expedition, the robotic professor found a mummy and decided to recreate the extincted species, Homo sapiens.


Mummy goes in the trans blue tube.



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Minifigure Series 1: Skater

Minifigure Series 2: Surfer

(Imaginary) Minifigure Series 3: Street Punk

Story: The Street punk was playin' some tunes and pullin' off some dance moves with the Surfer and the Skater.


Minifigures Series 3 Building Contest entry by C-3POliver, on Flickr


Minifigures Series 3 Building Contest entry by C-3POliver, on Flickr


Minifigures Series 3 Building Contest entry by C-3POliver, on Flickr

Edited by Lord Of The Fries

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Scene: Hotel Room

Series 1: Cheerleader

Series 2: Surfy

Series 3: Tennis Player

While the Tennis Player is touring from Tournament to Tournament she brings her boyfriend along with her. He is a Surfer by profession, so spends his time at the beach or finds things to do in the Hotel room while she is on the courts. One day he finds a cheer leader and brings her back to the Hotel to practice his Chiropractics on her. You know how those Surfy/Hippy/Earthy types are. :tongue:




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Series 1: Forestman

Series 2: Witch

Series 3: Elf

Theme: Inaccurate Medieval Fair

Story: Since Fred, Wendy and Eric love the medieval theme, they decided to launch a medieval fair, disguising themselves as Forestman, Witch and Elf. They offer medieval food, pilloried actors and an archery competition between Fred and Eric. Unfortunetly the fair attracts just attention of unwelcome people, like drunks and smartpants.



"Actually, there were no witches or elves in this time. The witch hunt was much later, and this food is ways too tasty to be medieval."


More pics in this folder (med1-7)

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Here's my entry...


Series 1: Robot

Series 2: Spartan/Roman Warrior

Series 3 (imaginary): Space Alien

The space alien and his robot pilot have crash-landed on a planet whose civilization is much less advanced than their own... They crashed on Earth, many many years ago from our point of view - in ancient Rome... They landed in the middle of a square, damaging a fountain and making a certain Roman soldier who was there at the time feel quite puzzled.




CLICK HERE to see the inside of the alien spacecraft, with seats for the robot pilot and the (imaginary) space alien.

There's a slight overhang here and there (the Roman, the fountain, the spaceship's engine), but it's less than two studs.

Edited by Dreamweb

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Hello! Here's my entry!


Series 1: Crash Dummy (only kind I got from LEGO :sceptic: )

Series 2: Traffic Cop

Series 3: Racer

The Racer has gotten a new three wheeled car, but he wasn't sure if it was safe. So he called his best buddy, the Crash Dummy, to test it out for him.

The Dummy starts the car and drives like mad. Unfortunately, he drives past a traffic cop who just put a drunken teenager to jail for drinking and driving



"Dummies these days..."


The Racer would be slowly walking away from the scene :classic:


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Title: The Swindle


Series 1: Forestman

Series 2: Witch

Series 3(Imaginary): Elf

Theme: Medieval (Fantasy era)

Story: The forestman challenged to Elf to a shooting contest with a superb prize: a rare e elvish dagger. The tournament is held deep within the forest and both shooters only have one arrow. He who is closest to the middle of the target wins. Who shall it be?

Well, to everybody's surprise it is the forestman! His yellow arrow hits the mark, while the Elvish purple arrow is nowhere near the mark! Something must be wrong here... If you look closely at picture 1 two hints can be spotted.


Yep, one could spot a bat and a piece of a broom. It seems that a witch was involved! Through magic trickery she caused the elvish arrow to be redirected towards the bushes, while she also made sure the yellow arrow went straight into the mark.

But it seems quite shortsighted of the forestman to make a deal with the evil witch. My guess? He'll be turned into a toad by the end of the day...


PS. @Mods: I arranged the leaves in such a way that none of them crosses the two stud overhang limit. If necessary pictures can be provided.

Edited by KristofBD

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Series 1 - Ninja

Series 2 - Karate master

Series 3 - Samurai


Ninja 2 by The Solitary Dark, on Flickr


Ninja 3 by The Solitary Dark, on Flickr

Kuriegu is visiting the burial site of one of his ancient ancestors, who he knows to be a Samurai.

He has an important tournament tomorow and is seeking guidance.

However the Ninja assasin, hired by his rival, has followed him and plans to kill him.

However Kuriegu is alerted to the Ninja's presence and is soon joined by someone who is able to protect him from the assasin's Katana....

I think it is an easy choice to put these characters together, but this was a scene i'd wanted to do for a long time - I only wish I had some 4x1 brown tiles so the bridge slats could be made of wood, but alas I have none...

See it with the samurai in my Flickr stream (Click on The Solitary Dark under the images)

Edited by mookage

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The Tipi

Here's my entry! :laugh: I decided to build my 16x16 vig with a small border around the outside to finish it off nicely.


tp1 by George G. - woop!, on Flickr


-Series 1: Native American (Red Indian)

-Series 2: Mexican

-Series 3: Chief


The brave warrior "Sundancer" has arrived back safely from the bi-annual buffalo hunt. He meets his wife and has wise father back at the family tipi.

But it's not all calm...

A band of Mexicans have sneeked into the Indian camp to steal the buffalo which they can turn into lovely burritos!

The Mexican at this tipi has hidden a pistol inside his marraca.


tp2 by George G. - woop!, on Flickr

Here is the brave warrior Sundancer. Scattered over the plains are many buffalo skulls (two can be seen here).


tp3 by George G. - woop!, on Flickr

Manny the Mexican :grin: aims his gun as he stands under the washing line.


tp5 by George G. - woop!, on Flickr

I built the tipi with the back missing so you can access the inside.

I couldn't get a good shot of the top of the tipi, so I'll tell you about it and you can zoom in on the main picture :grin:

The smoke is made from white Exo-Force Devastator arms clipped together. Wooden poles spiral through the tipi and poke through the top. Trophies hang down to show Sundancer's success!

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I have built a scene of a TV serial drama

Guess the title!


Series 1 – Cheerleader

Series 2 – Traffic Cop

Series 3 – Fisherman

Theme: Town (crime scene)


Pete Martell on his way to fishing caught a sight of something strange on the river bank, which turned out to be the body of a young girl wrapped in a plastic bag. Pete called the police immediately, and since in a little town like this homicide is very rare, sheriff Harry S. Truman himself came to see the scene of the crime before turning to special agent Dale Cooper for help.


Hint: The name of the dead girl is Laura Palmer.


Solution: Of course, it is Twin Peaks.


See the original scene here (from 3:00)

(This video is not part of my entry.)

See the scene with the Fisherman here. (These pictures are not part of my entry.)

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Minifigures: The cowboy, the explorer and the gorilla.

Theme: Umm hard to say. Action/Adventure

"Into the Jungle"


The explorer ventures deep into the jungle with his hired protection, on the search for the elusive and mythical gorillas. Searching the shrubbery for signs of tracks or any other hints with no luck, the explorer wishes he had hired some more helpful protection, and maybe a local guide.


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My entry is for the fisherman.

The fisherman thought he had found a quiet place to fish, but a surfer looking for new thrills suddenly appears at the top of the waterfall, ready to dive down, while his friend is getting ready with an underwater videocamera to film his jump, both above and below water.



An image with the fisherman can be seen here.

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Minifigs: Pro wrestler (series 1), Karate master (series 2) and Sumo wrestler (series 3)

Title: Clash of the heavyweights


"Hey, you can't toss my little brother around like that" growled the Sumo wrestler.

"Pah! I think you will find i just have" chorted the pro wrestler. "Mwahahaha!"

Enough with the trash talk! Lets get rrrready to rrrrumble!! :devil:


Edited by gabe

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Theme: City

Series 1: The Magician

Series 2: The Mime

Missing Series 3: Tennis Player

World famous tennis player, Betsy McTaggert, takes a break from training to interview acts for her son's upcoming birthday party. Following an unsuccessful audition by Jacques the Morose Mime, she waits impatiently on her porch for the next act to arrive. Her son Timmy, sneaks a peek out the window and is delighted to see the Great Sardini coming down the street. Betsy's husband Bill stays out of the way by reading a magazine in the study.




See More Pics Here including ones with the tennis player.

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Do Cyborgs Dream of Electric Sheep?

This is for the Cyborg (Series 3) interacting with the Surfer (Series 2) and the Nurse (Series 1).

Project Electric Sheep

Log Author Nurse Hauer

Date Stamp 2158.02.28 14:44 FPT

On behalf of Dr Xavier Storm, I am conducing a series of experiments to determine whether or not cyborgs dream of electric sheep. He feels that this is an important area of research which has so far been neglected by his fellow researchers here at the Institute.

Unfortunately, past results have proven inconclusive. With previous test sequences, the combined dream analyser and holographic projector has failed to produce any kind of coherent response. In addition, I fear that some of our test subjects may have been irreparably damaged by the process.

However, I have now commenced test sequence 453-Gamma-3 using test subject Cyborg XF218 and the results appear to be positive. Based upon the output of the holographic projector, it appears that we can conclusively state that our test subject dreams of becoming a surfer.

Whilst this was not the result we were looking for, today's success is a clear indication that we have made some progress towards resolving one of our generation's greatest unsolved questions.

One day, I am confident that we will be able to locate the elusive electric sheep.

Research continues ...




The Cyborg minifig stands on the two studs at the bottom of the "dentist's chair".

Check out the complete set on Flickr if you are interested in seeing the vignette from another couple of angles and with the Cyborg included: Electric Dream on Flickr

Also, the dream in this vignette can be removed and replaced with any other standard 8x8 vignette.

For example, this is the vignette with the surfing dream replaced with another one of my vignettes.

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Theme: Town / Winter

Minifig 1: Skater Boy

Minifig 2: Skier

Minifig 3: Snowboard Girl




When the snow had come to the village of mister Skater Boy, he had to find another activity instead of skateboarding. He was lucky to find that there was a vacancy open in the local Winter Sports Store. He now works as employee and advises the customers about the latest developments and trends in skiing, snowboarding etc. The shop is always crowded; Pepper is about to buy new goggles, while on the first floor the skier (well known of his performance is Series 2) is handing his skis to the wax-dude, who got the right tools for waxing. And because of the fresh snow a third employee has to clean the street, while my sigfig is enjoying the snow. The now invisible Snowboard girl is doing some illegal stuff, she's about to drop in from the roof, she's sitting on the ridge, where you can see the pushed snow.


Ground floor


First floor

Edited by kciR

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Here is my entry!

The Sounds of Summer


Series 1: Skater Boy

Series 2: Traffic Cop

Series 3(Imaginary): Rapper (He stands on the stairs with boombox)

Theme: City

Story: It was a fine summer day. The Rapper was working out some fresh beats in his 'hood. His younger brother the Skater Boy was practicing new tricks on his board. When the Cop shows up to spoil all the fun. Who knew there was a lawful decibel level that should not be exceeded?


Close Up


Shot that includes the Rapper


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The Time Machine

Theme: Sci-Fi





Some time in the future aliens have been discovered and humans and aliens are working side-by-side. One such duo was working on a time machine while testing it they accidentally brought an ancient Spartan into their ship.....

Spaceman: "Do you think we should send him back?"




Brickshelf Gallery (Featuring pictures with the Alien)


Edited by Masked Builder

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Haunted House


Series 1: Zombie

Series 2: Vampire

Series 3 (imaginary): Mummy

Theme: Halloween/Seasonal/Town

Story: It's Halloween night and all the undead creatures are leaving the Haunted House to terrorize the town and feast on the villagers. The townspeople had placed chains accross the front porch in the hopes of keeping the monsters in, but unfortunately their plan didn't work.


Excuse the canister in the background. :laugh: Also, the mummy is meant to fit in behind the chains on the front porch.


This was supposed to be my main entry pic, but I didn't like the way the lighting turned out on it. In this picture you can see a demon and an evil clown peering out of the windows.


The spider is crawling out of the basement.

The roof overhangs by no more than one stud on the sides and back of the entry. The spider also overhangs very slightly.

The brickshelf gallery (when public) for more pictures, including one with the mummy: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=465070


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