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Review 4896 Roaring Roadsters

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Well this is my first review so here goes

Firstly the Box Front


and the contents


There are 931 peices mostly grey, dark grey and black. there are also some silver and chrome details.

This set contains instructions for 3 models the first is obviously the roadster but more of that later.

The second is a kind of jeep/land rover 4x4 vechicle this in itself is quite a detailed model with working steering and opening doors and tailgate this itself took several hours to build. the instruction are 63 pages. link to 4x4

The third model in the dragster this is quite a simple model and doesn't take long to build. Someone at TLC is obviously a dragster fan as this was an alternative in the Land Busters set a few years ago. the instruction for this one contains a complet parts list and 2 pages of further ideas New and Old Dragsters

The Build

The build is straightforward the instructions run to 84 pages the only problem was distinguishing between the silver and light grey parts. I spent nearly 3 hours putting it together.

The Chassis



The chassis is made from a technic frame. I was surprised that ther was quite a few studless parts especially around the steering mechanism. the steering is controlled from just behind the rollbars and runs under the centre tunnel to the front.

The Cockpit


The cockpit is quite detailed the centre console is made from three printed tiles. There are no stickers in this set yeah!! X-D

One of my favorite details is the inside of the doors that come complete with map pocket.


Some of the other details include opening boot/trunk and detailed engine bay I have included a link to my brickshelf folder when moderated.

Complete Car


Overall I would give this set a 9 out of 10 rating it was good to build and there were alot of nice details which give the final model a good look. The alternative models have also hade some thought put into them and stand up in there own right. At �35 I feel it is good value for money.

A full set of pictures can be found HERE

If anyone wants any more info please let me know :-D

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Tks Ickelpete for this cool review ;-)

This set looks really nice fully loaded with great details *y*

Tks also for posting pics of the alternates that are quite nice (like the great & impressive drag).


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Great review Ickelpete *y* ! This looks like a great model. I think I might get it, like Yoda said it has lots of details!


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waaaaaaaaaay too expensive for me |-/ but great set anyway, and if I could buy it, I would just build the SUV instead of the car. *wub*

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