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Review: 2063 Stormer 2.0


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NOTE: This review is written by our guest reviewer, Von Nebula.

Set Index: Stormer 2.0


Preston Stormer is back, and he's as delusional as ever. Just look him; practicing a hero pose while Jetbug is doing his thing. Dork.


Combining with Breeze? Let me do the maths;

Half a woman + Half a man = Defeat at the hands of Von Nebula


I designed this to trap the heroes in. It holds on well, but annoyingly they still seem to get out. One of my rare failures.


This is what goes into Preston. Note the lack of a brain.


I like this view. I still shed tears of joy whenever I look at it.


Sadly he's easy to fix.


One of the lesser know things about Preston is he has a horrid memory. Thus he made a rule this time that all of the heroes need to have name badges. Back in the day he'd call me "Ron" all the time. Does he forget his own name? No, not a chance...


As an attempt to be able to handle the raw power of me and my new friends the heroes have have re-designed their joints. They do seem a lot stronger too. No matter; he did it though a wholesale part manufacturer and we now use the same parts. Dolt.


It's common belief that the screen covering his left eye is some sort of tactical display. It's not. Sure it can be used for that reason, but most of the time it's just has a slide show of his latest photo shoot. With reluctance, I do admit that the redesign looks cool, especially with the transparent element in.


Likewise, while it does make him look grimly cool and determined, the face plate is mostly there to cover the drool that flows out of his mouth. True fact.


Classic example of form over function. This quite beautiful hose does what exactly? It goes from his back to his weapon... why? The weapon is part of his arm, so why can't any power connections be done there? I've yet to confirm this but I think it's just ornamental.


As I knew all too well, Preston can't be trusted with sharp things. Thankfully that problem has been resolved; these spears look normal but bend as needed. Nice part actually.


OK, here's the section I've been dreading; Hero poses. This is what Preston does best. If I didn't know better I'd be impressed.


From the back, he looks less impressive, but to he fair due to his darker torso it's less obvious.


On that subject, at the core all the heroes are stick figures with padding... but Preston is special.


Due to having a slightly longer lower leg, he's just a tad taller that the rest. (Lower leg armour has been removed for this photo.) His vanity is truly wondrous.


But he's nothing compared to me. No, I'm not going to explain this photo, but let me just say that I'll never drink Bundaberg OP Rum ever again.


"I'll get you Von next time.... next time."


Nice fair fight there hero.



It's what Preston does best. 8/10


Very good. While at 75 grams he's a lightweight, he wins out on bling, especially that hose. 9/10


One of the better ones, even with the shield. 8/10


I'll be blunt; he's all show, no go. Soft spears, pointless hoses... but he looks good while doing it. You have to respect that. 8/10


I need someone to defeat. Get him! 8/10



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Truly a funny review. Only little text, but very precise, and FUNNY.

The two heroes you got together in a picture, share the same torso. I actually did not know the 6 heroes had two different torsos, before seeing it here on EB in the reviews.

Having two of the same hero, will make kneepads (or elbow protectors) out of helmets a possibility.

That was a commercial, lol :classic:

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Great review Sieg...erhm, I mean Von Nebula. I think this is my favourite hero of the bunch :thumbup:

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Truly a funny review. Only little text, but very precise, and FUNNY.

Thanks. :sweet: I did my reviews planning on doing an overall review, thus I tried to not go on about things relevant to all of the sets. Expect my Theme Review soonish...

That was a commercial, lol :classic:


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I would hazard a guess that the hose connected to his back is not to connect a power source but rather a material source. I picture it as a sort of liquid pipeline that provides the material he freezes into those fancy ice spears.

Stormer's a great set for parts. I plan to use his four matching armor pieces and some of his bone pieces for a Space Police III MOC. However, some of his parts are more useful than others. For instance, his narrow-shouldered torso piece is not nearly as versatile as the wider-shouldered variant most of the other heroes have. The shield piece, while well-designed, can't really attach to most other hero pieces without using that y-joint it's attached by in the set-- otherwise, it relies almost solely on Technic connections, setting it apart from most of the other Hero Factory 2.0 parts. The spears can attach to any number of points on his various pieces, but they look extremely awkward when not housed in the deep recession of the shield piece-- housed in a standard armor piece, they stick out too far, making the actual spearhead on the end look puny in comparison. The official combination model of him and Breez manages this fairly effectively, but none of my MOCs from Hero Factory parts have done so.

As a parts pack, I'm much quicker to recommend Breez, the other hero I picked up. She's got two of those lovely red System spikes, four of the smaller armor piece in lime green, and four copies of each of her joint pieces. In addition to the smaller armor pieces, she has one of the larger ones on her right arm-- allowing a little more variety than Stormer, whose limb armor pieces are all the same shape. Her helmet accessory is versatile and can be put in several positions that look both unique and attractive. Her torso is also, needless to say, the wider-shouldered variety.

Aesthetically, though, Stormer is definitely one of my favorites. His armor is asymmetrical, but tastefully so. His use of neutral colors with just a few brighter accent colors gives him a sleek, refined look reminiscent of that seen in many of today's Apple-brand products. Overall, his 3.0 form will have a lot to live up to, after two gorgeous character designs so far.

Great review. Very humorous, which helps set it apart from other reviews. It still has more than enough pictures to be informative for those who don't yet own the set.

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Funny review! default_laugh_new.gif

Stromer has some power, and I bet he's happy so he can jump into a bunch of laser blasts to protect the rookies.

Mister Goody-Goody Two-Shoes.default_hmpfbad.gif

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