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Post your engine MOCs, I'd love to see what you can create!

Things to keep in mind:

-Display only "normal" LEGO engines, not entirely Technic (but go ahead and use Technic pieces)

-Can be non-functional or functional

-Have fun!

You've probably already seen the engine on my spaceship, I went in the opposite direction this time and made an old timey engine, with copper pipes and stuff, lol. Was a little limited because we can't make illegal connections in LDD, but it looks alright. I imagine it would connect to stuff with the two robot arm things in back.




I like to make them around these sizes so the minifigs don't look terribly out of scale with them.

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Really great minifig scale engines... ;-)

I put some small working piston engines into the Technic forum - definitely not minifig scale (unless you put them into boats / industrial machines) but probably correct for the old technic figure scale.

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The first one reminds me of some very stunning Lego steampunk that I saw on 'the net' lately.

Realy like that in Lego, not as much as the real steampunk though

Any steampunked stuff I do like btw., but not as much as Legolizes steampunk things.

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