REVIEW: 8052 Container Truck

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At my workplace, I usually work for Veolia's Confidential Disposal Service by sorting out paper to be shredded into tiny pieces to be dumped into large metal containers, ready to be picked up by a special truck when they're full!

Here's my 8052 Container Truck that I got on my 20th birthday! It is similar to one that comes to my workplace each week!

I've done a few modifications including adding a clutch gear, a PF polarity switch and hubcaps on the front wheels!



The front & rear looks similar to a Scania! :tongue:



Hands-Of-God steering


Lever for switching from collect/drop to dump mode!


Dropping off container, ready to be filled with shreddings!




Picking up container, ready to go to recycling plant!


Dumping out all the contents!


That's all folks! :wink:

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Yes, the 8052 does look like a Scania (a Swedish truck brand):


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All Lego trucks look like Scania R series now, the 8258 Crane truck, cherry picker and now this. Wonder why...probably due to the distinctive straight slab of Scania grills which are easier to replicate using Lego bricks :laugh:

But I love Scania, especially its distinctive V8 sound with straight pipes. If I were to live in Europe, as an owner-operator, this is my truck of choice, the R730..730hp.

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