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REVIEW 8673 Ferrari F1 Fuel Stop


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I keep telling myself - and all you guys - that I'm taking a break from Lego, but I saw a good deal on some oldish second-hand sets that I couldn't pass up, so I'll fill in some review holes while they're intact. First up:




Set Name: Ferrari F1 Fuel Stop

Set Number: 8673

Theme: Racers

Year Released: 2006

Number of Pieces: 189

Minifigs: 5

Price on Release: €19.99




I got eight sets. They belonged to a guy who had no kids or anything; he'd bought them for a demo or something, and packed them away intact after it finished. The boxes were mainly in great condition, though taped shut. There's a little ripped bit beside the Ferrari logo where the price sticker probably was. I won't show the back because there's an even bigger one there, but it just shows a couple of alternate arrangements. Most non-Star Wars European boxes don't list the set name, this line was obviously an exception.


I don't know what bags and things came with the new set; I got the stuff pre-built inside the resealed box, stickers applied and everything, so I'll skip straight to the manual. Pretty much the same as the box.


The graphic style is given a sharp, 3D edge. Doesn't add much but looks good. There's the sticker sheet, too. I'm afraid you'll need to use your imaginations a little with that. It does illustrate the massive number of stickers, though - something the Ferrari line was infamous for. They're all numbered, but that's irrelevant, as the manual doesn't use them. That alternate Number 2 sticker is a nice little detail for anybody who got two sets.


Okay, hold onto your hoverboards, because I'm going to mess up the timeline a little. The set was already built so I had to work backwards, taking the "finished" photos first and working back to this shot. Here's most of what you get, minus the minifigs and the printed/stickered stuff. There's nothing very remarkable here, except maybe that thick hose part in the corner. The two hoses are stuck in a bent shape from being in the built set for so long. One of the helmets is also unusual, I'll get to that in a tick.


The six bits down in the corner are printed, the rest are stickered. Some have more than one sticker. All five minifigs feature identical front and back stickers. Most are logos, but the one at the bottom shows lap times.


The five minifigs. Man, I remember the days when Ferrari was staffed almost entirely by space ninjas instead of licensed real people. Compared to the others, the driver's eyes are huge and freaky. Five is a nice number...


...though I can't help feeling a little cheated.

Moving on...



While disassembling the car, I came across some nice examples of detailing that was innitially concealed under all that red. Awfully good of them. There didn't seem to be anything complicated involved.


Here's the finished set. There's a got lot of individual parts to it, all with detachable elements and pipes and wheels and such. It's nicely busy.


The finished car looks great despite the unexciting part selection and simple build.


One element that's not detachable is the driver. His arms are built into the sides of the car like some sort of freaky futuristic cyborg ninja racer. He steers with his toes.


Here's the pit crew with their array of fuel tanks and air cylinders and other assorted dealies.


And finally we have the techie, standing over here in the fuzzy corner with his workstation.


The spares. Quite a lot of them, too. That red spare must have fallen down the side because there's only one in the big parts square at the top. Aaand this was the first photo I took after the manual and sticker sheet so the correct flow of time has now been restores.

Moving on...


Design: 9/10: I think the car looks great for its size and simplicity, and the pit equipment is nice and authentic. The massive number of stickers is always an issue with these sets, particularly the minifigs, but otherwise it's a very well-made set.

Parts: 7/10: Nothing individually interesting but it all comes together well.

Build: n/a: Well, it was easy going backwards.

Playability: 8/10: Like all Racers sets, playability is a given. The pit stuff feels like a bonus.

Price: 6/10: I can't see myself ever paying €19.99 for this five years ago. It's a licensed theme so that adds a bit, but even then it feels a little high. Particularly with no real-life racers represented.

Total: 85% Pricey but nicey.

Thanks for reading!

So, pretty boy gets full printing, does he?


- Dunjohn

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Great review! This set is great, but it was overpriced in Canada. BTW, you could've fully disassembled the set and reassembled it to make up the score for the build :wink:

Also, what other sets did you get from this guy?

Edited by prateek

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Great review! This set is great, but it was overpriced in Canada. BTW, you could've fully disassembled the set and reassembled it to make up the score for the build :wink:

Also, what other sets did you get from this guy?

... I never thought of doing that.

There was this, an Exo-Force, two Aqua Raiders and four Mars Mission.

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