Imperial Shipyards

Achille, a French frigate carrying 36 guns

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Wow. This is a stunning piece of work. Your 300 hours of work really paid off. I've just started making a ship and was wondering if I could use your grate idea? and of course I will give you credit.

Great job :thumbup:

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Thank you guys for all the nice comments! :pir-classic:

If someone told me he'd made a ship using the 'CGH hull techniques' and give it an interior I'd have told him that it won't be easy to do. If the same person would tell me he'd make the deck fully removable (incl. masts and rigging) I'd have told him it won't probably be stable enough. But hey, here it is, you've done it!

The interior is absolutely beautiful, and so are the deck details. The different kind of ropes and the extremely careful way in which you did all the rope-works are the best I've seen till now. I'm especially amazed that you managed to make such a nice looking cabin, which looks great on the outside, while dealing with a number of building limitations that go together with giving it an interior. Personally I'm not going to give my future ships interiors as I never open my ships (I once gave a ship an interior and opened noticed later that I never opened it), but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy seeing yours. I also like how you've put the gun ports (the back flags) at the same line as the wall and now 'sticking out'. It's not yet entirely clear to me how you did that, but I'll find out eventually.

If I need to say one thing that I'd have done differently it would probably be the red-yellow color combination, but now I'm talking about personal preference.

Congrats perfectionists, you have moved the bar on 'minifig illusion scale' ship building with this frigate of yours. I'm looking forward seeing your next creation!

Thank you for such an elaborate comment! :pir-sweet:

The building limitations you're speaking of were only affecting the inside (e.g. the design of the table in the cabin) since I made the outside first and always gave it a priority. I always felt that putting coloured bricks inside MOCs to "fill them up" would be a waste which is why I made that interior even though it's small size is a bit silly. Of course my desire to add guns behind every gunport and be able to remove them was the driving force here initially.

The fact that such a build requires more time and "publish or perish" seems a valid principle in the world of Lego MOCs too might make me move on to smaller, land-base side projects in the near future! :pir-classic:

I'll also keep Achille with the closed topdeck, but that doesn't make the interior unnecessary! Besides I'm working on a solution that allows only the removal of the sides so that you can present it with full sails while showing the interior.

The gunport technique shouldn't be a miracle since I explained it in the very first post of the WIP topic.

I hope others will find inspiration in this, as I love to see ship MOCs, but I also hope that Achille won't be seriously challenged!

Great job Perfectionist! :thumbup:

The ship looks great from a distance, and up close.

There is a lot of fine detail on this ship.

I really like how you've made the stud-sails.

The headrails look spectacular.

The stern cabin looks great with all of its angles coming together so nicely.

Does the capstan and steering actually work?

It's MOCs like this one that motivate me to build more accurate and detailed vessels.

No unfortunately neither the capstan nor the steering works, which is also because of the removable topdeck. I always wanted to be the one to make studding sails first, but Admiral Croissant was quicker; and he reminded me to add them too! As a side-note, mine are simplified, while he made them the exact, accurate way.

That is a beautiful ship! All the details on the decks, the masts, and rigging; they all look so realistic!

One question though, what kind of glue did you use on the rigging?

Pattex Repair Extreme Gel. It is an amazing glue and very easy to use, besides it's quite powerful and transparent. I was really lucky to find it for this purpose since it saves a LOT of time and makes the rigging look better at the same time.

Just wow, it's a beautiful and clean looking work of art.

You've managed to use some of the best techniques out there, blend it with some of yours and voila!

The interior is great and the fact that the top is modular....hats of to you sir!

Only nitpick from me is that I don't really like the metal hooks in the rigging, I think there are Lego parts out there that can be used.

Yes, you got a point there. I thought about using Lego parts first , but found them too clumsy. Besides when you're using custom string and sailcloth already the step to metal hooks isn't very far. :pir-tongue:

This is one I wished I had seen sooner. I dont think I can add much at this point to the comments. Overall, very nice. I really like how you had your sig-fig give us the tour, and the cool cannon shot picture.


Thanks, sigfigs are fun; I think I should use mine more often!

Amazing. Just amazing. And that's just the fact you had the patience to do that. I can't wait to see your next one.

The next one(s) may take a while, and will be (significantly) larger too. :bonaparte:

WOW! What an amazing Ship! I really like the stern (the hardest part of the ship to build in my opinion.

I only had a few minutes to look at her, I will be spendin some time later looking at your pics in greater detail. GREAT WORK!!!!

What parts did you use for the grate on the floor? was it a bunch of black headlight bricks?


Yep, the grates are indeed made from headlight bricks as are the gunports. The stern was the most fun part to build for me, hardest was the rigging!

An exceptionally beautiful piece of work- a true work of art. I can't really add anything to what others have said!

BTW- I note that the ship sails under 'a plain white linen flag', don't the French always fly the white flag of surrender? :pir-tongue:

Oh-oh I was afraid of that discussion from the beginning and it doesn't seem to end. Even though it may seem odd, historically it's the correct flag for the pre-revolutionary France.

Oh gosh this is absolutely complex and beautiful! :pir-wub:

How many months have you spent to build this masterpiece?

I thought I put that in the title. :pir-wink: But honestly, with all the breaks I took the concentrated time I worked on her probably was just 3 months. On the other hand life is busy and few will be able to devote much of their free time 3 months in a row.

A very pretty ship indeed. Not much I can add to what have been said before me.

You ship builders out there is making so many awesome jobs on those.

Well I guess it's probably the most time-consuming way to build something with Lego! But it's great fun building such ships and I wish more would do it!

Wow. This is a stunning piece of work. Your 300 hours of work really paid off. I've just started making a ship and was wondering if I could use your grate idea? and of course I will give you credit.

Of course you can! As long as you give credit you can take whatever you like. Some parts however (tumblehome + jumperplate technique, toilets, some deck details) are taken from other builders (CGH, Admiral Bejaune, Admiral Croissant and Captian Blackmoor) while others are trivial.

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I am sorry it has taken me this long to comment. There is not much to say that hasn't been already. The interior is a major feat using CGH tumblehome technique as is the way you have constructed the stern with an interior. I am on my iPhone and will update my reply with a more in-depth reply. Amazing frigate!

Admiral Bejaune

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Now that this thread has been bumbed and I'm looking at the pictures I really get a sense of how much has changed since I first finished her - especially the sails now seem completely outdated to me, and their shape isn't accurate for the 1780s, but rather for the 1800s making her more a Napoleonic than a Royal French frigate.

Since I'm now sitting on 8 ships which are now all finished apart from studding sails, I really should be able to show that evolution soon. A few hints can be seen here. Because I abandoned swivel guns and fixed chasers, the new gun count is 28, also a very classic number for frigates of the age of sail!

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