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Some old creations of mine

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Hello all,

Bonaparte told me that there was an LDDforum and that I should post some of my own older creations up here

These ships have been made using the first two versions of LDD so there could be some room for improvement.

However, I gave up on LDD to start building the real thing (as can be seen HERE.)

Still, I enjoyed building these models which were great training for the real thing.

So here they are

A small frigate



A big frigate can be seen HERE

And a bunch of other ships can be found HERE

Enjoy, and as always C&C is more than welcome!!

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I've seen them before but your ships are really great.

This frigate is really the pride of your collection.

It's amazingly detailed (I believe the interior is exactly like on a real frigate), and the shape is perfect as well.

But your last update was almost 2 years it almost time for a new update? I can't wait to see something like this in real!

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