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WINTER BREAK: Diagon Alley - Slug and Jiggers

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Hello everyone! Long time lurker, first time posting

:grin: When I read about this contest, I knew I had to come out of hiding and enter something.


(From the Harry Potter Lexicon)

...The Apothecary is a fascinating shop crammed with all sorts of interesting things. There are barrels of slimy stuff lined up on the floor and jars of all sorts of powders, herbs, and the like along the walls. Bundles of feathers, fangs, and claws hang from the ceiling. The whole place smells very bad, a mixture of bad eggs and rotten cabbage (PS5, CS4). The name of this shop in the films is Slug & Jiggers Apothecary (PS/f)...

My take on the shop

***Updated as of Jan 31st, 2011****

I decided to take down the original shop (you can still see it in my flickr) and redo the shop to be bigger and better. I took out most of the outside street and unnecessary distractions and concentrated totally on the building itself. Thanks to a nice PAB wall grab the other week, I was able to score some nice trans pieces that worked well for the windows on the outside. I think with the slightly higher building, it now looks like it would fit into Diagon Alley more than the original version.

Total piece count comes in at about 900 give or take a few.

Enough talk, onto the pictures:


Front by erynlasgalen, on Flickr


front closer by erynlasgalen, on Flickr


shop side by erynlasgalen, on Flickr


Inside shop 2 by erynlasgalen, on Flickr


wizard shopper by erynlasgalen, on Flickr

As always you can hop over to flickr to see some more detail pictures. Hope you enjoy!

Edited by Erynlasgalen

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Very well done entry Erynlasgalen! I love the super-busy scene of this alley, lots of interesting details to look at. You certainly did a great job for your first contest entry here in EB. The only thing I would suggest is if you could take an 'overview shot' of the whole build, which you can use as your opening photo. Good luck! :thumbup:

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Fantastic entry, Erynlasgalen! It's so busy and full of great details! I love how jam-packed it is both inside and outside. Well done, and good luck with the competition!

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