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MOC: Meltdown 3.1

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I like the new 2011 constraction figures from LEGO, because they feature new parts that form a new family of bones, torso and shells (armor). My love might not be the worlds biggest surprise, as I was involved in developing the parts. Now that the designers has done their part, creating the sets, the fans of Hero Factory and Bionicle are supposed to show off their moc's. I'm blending in here, trying to inspire. I'm having fun spending time moc'ing, somthing I've not really done much the last year or so.

It's kind of fun making new versions of a known set. You kind of just use the original mask/helmet, stick to the colour scheme, and the go ahead and put parts together, in an amount that would result in a set double the prize of the original. That's a luxus that the designers don't have, they need to stay within a prize point of e.g. 7.99 or 12.99 US $.

I'll start of with my latest moc, Meltdown 3.1, but will add recent moc's to the thread later.


Click on image to see it in up to 1200 pixel width.



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Like the MOCs you already posted in the HF 2011 topic, this MOC is awesome. I can't wait to see more from you!

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