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Review: 3829 Avatar - Fire Nation Ship

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Set: Fire Nation Ship

Price: $50.00 USD

Elements: 722

Minifigures: 5 (Avatar Aang, Katara, Fire Nation Soldier, Fire Bender, Prince Zuko)

The Minifigures

I'm bad at focusing...The Soldier and Bender

Once again, I'm bad at focusing...Prince Zuko

The Box:

Box Front

Box Back

I should mention that, although I didn't take a picture, there are pictures of alternate models of a Fire Nation City Gate and some sort of Battle Playset on the bottom of the box. I can get a picture if someone wants me to. I took no pictures of the inside-the-box items, because there was nothing special. That means no large plates, and best of all, NO STICKERS. NONE. Janus = happy.

The Ship:

Ship Right Side

Ship Left Side

Ship Front

Ship Back

Ship - Front and Front Hatch Open

Ship Top - Brig and Catapult

Ship Side - Tower and Steamstacks

Ship Front - Windows

Ship - Back Hatch Open

Ship - Back Hatch Open and Small Boat

The Plastic Fire Nation Flag

Ship - Rudder

Ship Top - Removable Parts Removed

Ship Top with Parts Removed - Hallway

Ship Top with Parts Removed - Coal Digger Room

Ship Top with Parts Removed - Coals and Small Boat Hold

Removable Parts - The Brig

Removable Parts - The Brig 2

Removable Parts - The Catapult

Removable Parts - The Catapult 2

Removable Parts - The Tower and Steamstack

The Tower and Steamstack - Inside (Ladder Drawn)

The Tower and Steamstack - Inside/Ladder

The Tower and Steamstack - Zuko's Meditation Room

Bad Closeup of Fire Nation Flag

The Tower and Steamstack - Helm

Removable Parts - Back Steamstack

Removable Parts - Back Steamstack 2

This ship is incredible. The sheer amount of things in it is amazing. All the parts you see on top are removable, allowing for great playability. The brig has a gated top so you can see the prisoners below, and the catapult fires red bricks (fireballs) decently by pressing forward to fire forward. Not as great as the Air Temple's slime bomb catapult, but it fires, and that's all that matters. The attention to detail is great on this ship, as you can see it has the falling bridge in front for raiding, the windows are tinted red with nine trans red 1x2 bricks, and Zuko's meditation chamber is in the ship as well. Really this set should be Zuko's Fire Nation Ship, as normal ones are larger and don't have that particular room, but it's not a big deal. The LEGO Fire Nation Flag design is great, and it comes with 10 of them. The plastic one is nice too, though I could have done without the clear part. That kind of bothers me. You'll notice the back steamstack is on a gray new airplane top cover, something some MOCers may want to take advantage of. The addition of the coals underneath was great, as they were key to the story in Season 1, Episode 6: Imprisoned. But the single thing I love most about this ship? It is ENTIRELY classic brick and plate. NO juniorization. At all. Perhaps one could argue the gray plane cover, but compared to the rest of this leviathan, it's nothing. The Small Boat is a nice addition as well, though it looks a little strange with no way to control it and no windows, just grey. Perhaps it's supposed to be moved through Water Bending? But then why would it be on a Fire Nation ship...?

6x2 Bricks

See these? Guess how many there are in this set. Go ahead, I won't laugh when you get it wrong.

Alright, I'll just tell you. There are 54 of them. FIFTY FOUR bley 6x2s. That's a whole lot.

Slanted Wingy Pieces

I don't know what these should be called. The point is, there are 24 of each type (slanting left and slanting right). Once again, that's a lot. Not to mention 16 12x1 Bley bricks. This set is more bley than one person can MOC with in their entire life. Well, maybe not. But it's a lot. And it's immense. I took some comparison shots to give you an idea of the immensity of this brick built boat.

Fire Nation Ship vs. Renegade Runner

Fire Nation Ship vs. Renegade Runner 2

Fire Nation Ship vs. Renegade Runner (main sail down)

Fire Nation Ship vs. Rogue Knight Battleship

It's large. It's all brick. It's detailed. It's got bulk of many elements. It's playable. This, in my opinion, is one of the best sets in a long time. Perhaps I'm biased, but so be it. I think this is a must buy.

Initial Score: 10/10

Minus .5 for confusing small boat

Minus .5 for clear on plastic flag

Plus 1 for bulkosity of bricks

Final Score: 10/10

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I've never watched Avatar but that ship looks really great...t'is huge.

The hallway below deck looks rather barren; needs some weapons and banners against the wall.

Thanks for the nice pics ;-)

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When we first saw picks of this set a few months ago, it was clear that it was going to be the best parts pack in a long time - indeed this is so, and a very reasonable US$ price for what you are getting.

I'll definitely be getting a couple of these.

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Sorry, I don't have the Krusty Krab...yet. I may pick it up at some point though.

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WOW... that's a lot bigger than I thought. I need to get it.

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thx for the review ^^

though this is not my type of boat ^^ .... it's worth the $ i guess with the no of bricks

Edited by Hobbes

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Eheheh! I love this show! I saw this review the other day but didn't leave a comment because some people get annoyed when old topics are dug up. But since this has been, why not?

Thanks Janus for an excellent review. Great pics. This is about as close as I'll get to this set, doesn't ship to NZ. I certainly is big, and has a good selection of minifigs. :-D Very good! *y*

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