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Review - 7930 Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship

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I don't normally do reviews....well that often and my first in the Star Wars start PART ONE of.....

7930 Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship

Here we go......


Front of box.


Rear of box.


Now that's the picture we all want to see, the motley crew headed by Sing ! :grin:


What's in the box....dam, DSS ! :look:


Bag 1 -, there are alot of parts ! :blush:


Again, that motley crew but built up ! :grin:


First up we have Sugi.


Now we have Embo.


And may I present Ms Aurra Sing ! :grin:


Final figure......a droid.....who cares for this character ? :laugh:

Well, that's part one done.....part two will have the rest of bag 1 construction and maybe bag 2.....and maybe again bag 3 on top.

Keep on watching (because I'm not finished yet ! :laugh: )

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lightningtiger? In the SW forum? Doing a review? What's going on!?!

Anyways, nice part 1. These figures are turning out to be way better than I had expected. Can't wait for part 2 :thumbup:

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I'm looking forward to the rest, lightningtiger, because I keep going back and forth on this one.... hopefully you'll push me one way or the other.

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Nice to see you doing a review lightningtiger, but it seems you've managed to switch sugi and embos legs, and you've forgot Embo's pirate shoulder guards. cant wait to see part two!

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So far so good with this review, lightningtiger.

I really don't like this set, though. The minifigs are pretty ugly looking, except for the assassin, and I already have enough of him.

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Okay, time now part two ........


This is after step number 9.


Okay, now 16 step gives this.


Right now, a WTF moment, why ?

Note the 1x1 trans-red round one sees them they are covered by 2x2 tile, plus plates and a brick ? :wacko:


Cool door mechanism - I like it ! :grin:


Well, that's bag one done...just a few more shots of the front of the ship.


Oh, inside the cockpit now.....


Note the removable gun rack with blasters, but where does Embo and Sing stored their weapons ? :wink:

Part Three is comming later on tonight once I have uploaded the pictures onto Brickshelf and pass judgement I shall plus show you all Lego's design stuff-up too !

Keep on watching ! :wink:

Okay, quickly now (this will go in as an edit I guess) oops my bad on legs issue and Embo now has his shoulder pads on (clothes horse he is :laugh: )...thought it look better aw, well it's Lego.

Now 'prateek' I do like my Star Wars as much as my city stuff, but I thought since I scored this 25% off at Myers (they looked after me well).

So thanks to all so far who have read this review, part three will contain bags 2 and 3 plus the design fault !!!! *oh2*

Till part three.....Brick On Everyone ! :grin:

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Bad news - my camera has well....the batteries are flat and not having any handy right now means no hopefully later on tonight I can finish this review.

Keep on watching ! :blush:

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Here we go bags 2 and 3 in Part Three .......


Yep, that's bag number two.


Right now we are getting somewhere - this is the start of the wing the following shots are the finer points on this design ! :grin:


You can see the mechanics for the engine rotator in place, you know slide the tail back rotate the engines ! :wink:


A little touch of colour never hurts eh ? :wink:


Now thats box two done and dusted ! :grin:


Sections one and two ! :wink:


Last bag ! :grin:


Now the engines are started.....

Ow, Ben Tenyson would computer is now not copy and pasting which means a reboot so there will now be a Part Four .....yay, for Windows ! :angry:

Keep on watching (waiting) ! :blush:

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Okay, I'm back......Part Four.....


There is method tp Lego's madness, that brown connector holds an aerial piece for the exhausts of the engine. :wink:


One completed engine - ready for installation ! :grin:


Just quickly - the left overs......reheat for 1 minute ! :laugh:


The ship with engines in the landing position.


In flight mode......hey, wait a minute - the engines are not in correct flight position they are too over balanced....oh, dear a design boo-boo ! :devil:


Fixed, I guess a 2x2 plate would do as why didn't Lego install a locking mechanism on this ?

Saving the best shot for last ! :grin:



Now how do I rate this beast eh ?

Price - normally 80 bucks AU....paid 60......I call 8/10

Design - I was going to go 9, but that engine rotating say 8/10

Minifigs - hands down 10/10.....come on it's Aurra Sing ! :grin:

Build - it neither hard or easy, it took less than 2 hours including photo time (and parts count out :angry: ), so I give 8/10

Overall - lets do the math....34/40 or 8.5/10.....a high grade eh ?

Well, that's it - I'm bushed.....tomorrow back to simple town MOCing and oh, one last thing.......May the brick be with you always ! :yoda:

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Nice work! The set looks okay. I do need the minigigures though so I might get this. It's a bit small but that's normal.

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Thanks for the rest of the review, lightningtiger. I'm still undecided. I want the minifigs, though certainly don't need another assasin droid.

I wish the ship was a bit bigger. Unless you want to put some of the bounty hunters in the jail, only one can ride! But aren't most sets flawed that way....

I'm caught up on the clone wars, so someone correct me if I'm wrong, but we've still only seen this ship once, right? That's perhaps my biggest sticking point. Perhaps Lego could have found another way to give us the bounty hunters.

That design flaw really bothers me, but I like your solution. Perhaps there's a way without having to detach the 1x2s or a 2x2.

I have a feeling I'll end up with this eventually no matter how much I try to resist. Need something new to build!

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I'm not sure, but I think, in the little box, there is a Holocron...

There sure is, as described in the other review on this set.

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