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The Queen's Catacombs


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Deep under the bloody sands of Geonosis

in the Queen's catacombs,

lies the army of the dead in stasis!

As the Geonosians above began to lose,

and their mighty hives fell,

it made their leaders choose.

And as the advancing clones will soon find now

that everything above,

will not be quite as bad as what's below.


LT. TK-1456 (Spark): Unit moving forward commander! Jet, take point! Everyone bucket lights on!

TK-1458 (Jet): Sir I'm detecting movement up ahead! I'll check it out!


LT. Spark: Spots and Darman! Prepare to cover Jet, if there is indication of hostiles I want a Theta B-50 maneuver on my order.

TK-1449 (Spots): But if we're surrounded by the bugs would'nt it be--

LT. Spark: Spots, that is an order!

TK-1561 (Darman): Sir is it just me or has it seemed like we've been being watched the deeper we go?

Spots: Yeah i've felt it too. It's very strange.

Darman: Maybe the Bugs are'nt the only thing down here?

LT. Spark: Okay quit the chatter you two. We need to reconnect with Kenobi's unit, I just heard they may have run into hard contact!


Spots: Geos?

LT. Spark: Not sure, the comm channels are all too frantic. There's some fighting going un-----

Jet: AHHHH-*Crackle*- Skrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Spots: Fierfrek!

Darman: That was definantly Jet's comm! Reading........reading........ just a 'klick down this side tunnel.

LT. Spark: Alright men, change of plans. Battle stance Beta alpha Skywalker! I'll cover your backs in case we get outflanked.


Spots: 20 meters........16 meters,


LT Spark: what was that?

Darman: Oh great, the lights have shut off! let me start up emergency power.


Darman: Hol--- *Blaster shots* They won't stay down!

Spots: My Le-----*Crackle* fal-- *more blaster shots*

LT. Spark: Spots!? Darman!? Respond! Anyone? Respond, that's an order!


Noise: Grrrrrrrreuw!

LT. Spark: Spots?

Noises: Greeeeew! kit-kit-kita!

LT. Spark: Squad 238, this is Lieutenant TK-1456 requesting assistance! My squad is either K.I.A or missing and i'm under assault by something.


LT. Spark: What the--

Noises: Krrrrew! Kit-kit-kita!

*Blaster shots*


LT. Spark: Why won't you just go down!?

*Blaster shots and a scream*


*Note: This is supposed to be a squad in the catacombs of Queen Karina during the CW episode "Legacy of Terror"*

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I put 7 because I don't find text based stories scary.

...But then there was that last pic :cry_sad:

Edited by KingDom

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I gave 4 which was a lot Kinder than what I really thought.

I acknowledge that Text Based Stories are not Scary but this was superbly Written and one of my Most Enjoyed Stories reading so while I wasn't scared I give you 4 Marks for Great Writing.

Though maybe if you had a bit where the Geonosians threw that ARF Against the Wall you might have got another Few Marks from me :wink:

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The comic was good, and I liked the sepia pics, but I gave it a 1 because it's CW, so I can't be scared since I know the 'good' guys will win. :tongue:

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I wasn't scared at all but that's because I knew what was going to happen. :classic: The pictures are great looking though! :thumbup:

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Yeah not scary at all since the source episode wasn't scary from the beginning. But you really did a great job on the comic presentation Forresto, the sepia effect really captures the dark and spooky atmosphere of the interiors of the Geonosian catacombs as seen in that particular CW episode. Very well done! :thumbup:

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Nice set of shots there 'Forresto', gee that queen, her control worms and all those who were the un-dead ! :devil:

May the horror be with you ! :vader:

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The shot with the Geonosian emerging from the catacombs is really good. A slightly creeped out 7. A lot of good men didn't make it back from that one.


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This is quite good, a little more photos though would be better. (I voted 6 because I am hard to creep out :laugh:)

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