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The Angelica

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[pid][/pid] 122A

Well like the little sub-description says this is my ship The Angelica which premiered at BrickWorld 2010. Last year in June to be exact. I took some old photos of it, but I found it just to difficult to work with and it was later demolished in a rage type... thing. In late October it along with a few other of my creations were invited to LEGO KidsFest, but I had no ship. How could I bring a non-existent ship. I began work on a rebuild, but then a few other plans came up and I could not attend the LEGO Con in October. So the remodel was scrapped along with everything else. So, lots of history behind this ship and I actually have official plans for an Angelica 2 although I will probably rename it, new coat of paint, all the works. Anyway here are my few photos of it that in my opinion do it no justice at all. :pir-sceptic:




I also have one picture of it from BrickWorld that can be found on Flickr. The sails are custom and the string was bought especially for this project.

The remodel will most likely feature the same custom sails if not then I have a few more BrickLink orders to make in addition the one just make for the next ship of mine.

Until the next ship, cheers! :pir-sweet:

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It's been demolished, so my points of improvement are for the next ship.

If you give your next ship the same rigging, you could let one of the triangular sails towards the bowsprit go to about halfway the bowsprit.

If you let them go to the same point, one of the sails is taking the wind out of the other sail.

And adding a sail on the yard there in the back would be nice as well.

And finally, you could also remove the lowest black yard on each of the 2 masts.

The brown decks are nice though, and the colourscheme is great as well, though the yellow line gets broken by black bricks.

And good work on the stern :thumbup: Good luck on the Angelica 2!

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I like the angled cabin. :thumbup:

but can I ask what the 1x2 plates sticking from the tumblehome are???

The one thing I would do is try straightening the front two sails attached to the bowsprit.

This is a nice ship and I can't wait too see Angelica 2. :pir-classic:

Edited by lt.Gonville brickhead

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The sails look much better on the BrickWorld picture. They look pretty worn out on the first photo. :pir-tongue:

Still, it's a good-looking vessel and I think it deserves a place in our blog.



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