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Review: 6894 Blacktron Invader


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Set Name: Invader

Set Number: 6894

Number of Pieces: 164

Figures:1 + 1 Brick built robot

Released: 1987

List Price: £? (GBP) $? (USD) ? (EURO)


6894 Bricklink Catalogue

A very long time ago, I think it might actually be years now I promised to review this set after reviewing one of the other Blacktron sets however I've only now gotten around to doing it

Lets us begin with the box.


I do love these old boxes simplicity and the gride pattern sky.


The back of the box shows alternatives.



Sorry it's a bit blury and original it didn't come in a ziplock bag obviously.


Instructions as always and making a much demanded return the random instruction page.




You get one standard Blacktron pilot and one brick built robot I do love these brick built robots and I hope that these will come back more often.


Front view.


Side view.

The set comes in three parts the cockpit the cargo pod and the engine. Lets take a look of the cockpit to start with


Partly built.

The cockpit it quite large and has a number of parts that fold out which makes it take up a much bigger space than it did before.


Folded up.


Opened out.

Cargo Pod

The cargo pod is the next part where you can keep a robot and two tools


Partly built.





Engine Pod

The final part is the engine pod which powers the entire ship.


Engine pod with two wings.

Complete Ship

Here's the complete ship has a nice sleek look to it I also like the trans-red fins at the end.


Looking good!.

Time to add in the figure.


Everything and everthing open.


Engine problems?.

The Rating System

Figures: 9.5/10 (Nice brick built robot and who doesn't love Blacktron Mark 1 figs?)

Parts 8.5/10 (Fair selection lots of black but you do get trans-red parts to.)

Fun Fun Fun 10/10 (Lots to do you can take it apart re-arrange it and that's before you even swoosh it about at all!)

Design 10/10 (I can't fault it one bit nor will I)

Price ?/10 (Can't find a price so if you know what it cost let me know!)

Grand Total 38/40 (So near to perfection)


I'm not really a Spacer but there's something about the Blacktron ships that simply draw me to them and make me want more. At this point I've something like 4 of these and if I see one going cheap on ebay I'm always tempted. It's a well designed set that has lots of playability and lots of options for expansions, this is one of the sets that Lego should always be looking to emulate in the mid sized sets.

One day I hope to have the Renegade as well to add to my collection*, when I do about two years later I'll review it for you.

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Nice review!

This is the Blacktron I love. I wish Lego would release similar sets again, but I doubt they will. Anyway, this is truly a classic in my opinion. Whilst I don't own the set, I've tried to make something similar. You could call it an homage, I suppose. Ill be checking eBay for this after seeing all the details!

Also, you might want to check your contents picture - I think you may have the wrong one?


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Thanks for this review!

Gosh I love space sets from the late 80s and early 90s. Blacktron 1 & 2 contains some of my favorite ships and sets ever.

Those original Blacktron figures are just so darn cool. The trans-red wedge wing pieces look really neat on this set and are pretty rare too. As you said, this is a great mid-size ship!

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Thank you for the review! I love Classic Space and I love reading Classic Space reviews! The original Blacktron is one of my favorites- the black & yellow color scheme totally did it for me. I remember seeing the sets first in a catalog and thinking, "Woah! Villians!" With their visors down, the Minifigures actually looked sinister, a first for LEGO at the time.

The Invader was my first Blacktron set. I bought it at Sears for $11.99, which was comparable to other stores at the time. I really liked the modularity of the Blacktron theme- all three original sets were interchangeable, which added even more to this great theme. I believe my Invader was responsible for more Monorail attacks than any other ship in my fleet!

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This was the only Blacktron I set I had from retail. These guys are still my favourite space figs, and sinister is definitely the right word for it! I have 3 or 4 Invaders, 1 has been modified to contain 4 middle sections instead of 1. Not surprisingly I call it the Quad Invader.

Awesome ship - I love it!

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Great review CB, this really brings me back. I don't have this particular set, but I do have a few blacktron sets and they bring me back to my childhood days.

It's always good to keep a promise :wink:

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Classic space... Trans wedge plates... :wub: Great review CB, thanks for sharing. The Blacktron fig looks really good even by today's standard, and the ship is decently-designed for its size.

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Hey, better late than never! Especially for classic sets without reviews.

The set is pretty decent. Nice pieces for MOCS. The Blacktron symbol "castle wall pieces" - trans. red wedge plates - these are a bit rare. The set itself? Sleek, nice color scheme, fun robot, playable cargo piece, what's not to love?

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