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MOC: European fire engine

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I present my newest fire engine in Slovenian fire union typisation it is called GVC 24/50; meaning it carries 2400 l/min pump, 5000 l of wated and equipment for putting out fires and basic equipment for technical missions.

Engine is 6 studs wide, dimension are similar to MB Atego 1628.

The pics:

1. Front view


2. Side view reveals 4 containers for equipment; typical for such vehicles


3. Back view, ladder for roof access and pump compartment (it does not open)


4.Right side is identical to left


5.Top view; a ladder, equipment box and a water cannon.



6. Picture with a crew; the cabin fits 2 firefighters.


7. Engine in action


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That's an excellent fire truck MOC zeki! I really like the various details on it, particularly the storage compartments on both sides. Do you have some reference photo for comparison purposes? But I think it's safe to assume that the design of this one is accurate to the real thing. Great job! :thumbup:

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Excellent fire truck 'zeki', great detailing and lots of storage for rescue gear....keep up the cool work and keep on MOCing ! :sweet:

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