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F-318 Sparrowhawk Space Superiority Fighter

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The F-318 is a continuation of the F-306 line, but so radicly different that it deserves its own designation.

The ageing F-306 mk3 and mk 7'sF-306 mk3 and mk 7's were in dire need of replacement.

Although the F-306 mk x Link came into service in to replace the older fighters, it never escaped it's interceptor role while an superiority fighter was needed.

The F-318 was thus designed to take a heavier payload for longer ranges with a more weapons making it a Space Superiorty Fighter capable of more diverse roles then it's F-306 predecessor.


F-306 Siren Mk x


F-318 Sparrowhawk

Allthough during initial trails the Sparrowhawk suffered from a myriad of problems it was soon adopted by pilots as the problem child everybody loved.

Flight crews of the ships the Sparrowhawk was stationed on dreaded a shipment of replacement fighters, taking upto 3 weeks to get them combat ready.



Ultimatly, those flight crews and mechanics were drafted by the koenigsegg & Donkervoort company to improve the ships as they came of the assembly line.

Making it the first fightercraft upgraded and updated by men that worked on the line with the ships.


It's heavy payload makes it a favorite of pilots that like big bangs, able to carry upto 6 mk36 Mantis missles or 24 mk 24 Piranha missles in combination with it's dual quad rapid fire plasma laser cannons.

Standerd compliment is 2 mk 36's and 12 mk 24's as depicted.

It can deal a lot of damage not only to enemy fighter craft but also to enemy capital ships making it a serious threat to even the largest of enemy capital ships.

The F-306 series of interceptors used 4 fusion based engines for propulsion, taking the mk x up to 12.000 SpS (Studs per Second), the F-318 Sparrowhawk uses the newer single ion-matter-fusion engine taking it to over 30.000 SpS wich makes it the fastest fightercraft in the Imperial navy.


During the testing fase and with the experience gained from the F-306 the landing gear was retro designed moving from skids to wheels as used centuries before.

The F-306 serously lacked the capability for planetary take ofs and landings making it mostly a carrier based spacecraft.

The F-318 wheel based landing gear makes it possible for dirtway landing and launch strips not neading the antigrav ramps needed for the '306.


As most fightercraft the F-318 is too small for a Hyper-Warp drive to move past light speed, making it neccesary to use carriers that are big enough for a Hyper-Warp drive.

And as space on a carrier is at a premium, the F-318 like it's smaller brother's uses folding wings.


The F-318 Sparrowhawk has been in service for a short time and replacing the older fighters across the imperium is a painstaking and long progress, but alongside the Older fighter still in use on the fringes of imperial space

like the F-186 Sabreflash and the F-280 Hammer and the F-306 Siren the imperial navy is ready to protect our freedom.

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