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The Bristol Titan

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[pid][/pid] 103c

Urgent Action Needed

Stolen ship of our proud blue coat navy now lies in the grasp of well trained pirates. In March 1688 she was taken captive with all hands lost. Her location is unknown captained by a formerly unknown man who goes by the name of William Leefearson. Now formaly known as The Leviathian. This name comes from the mouth of the few survivors to cross his path of destruction since the ship was siezed. Of those few men, no audible sounds can be heard say for the deamon nickname they dub him. Our source told of a tavern off Havanna where Leefearson was taking our sailors and exerting special punishment onto them. The pirates under his command have high levels of discipline and military training. Most formerly of royal navys throughout europe. No amount of resistance seems to detur these bloodlustful men from their greedy and dishonorable pursuits. It is with most urgency that this fierce villan be brought to justice. Sink, or take prize the Bristol Titan.

King William III


IMG_0280 by codyhenning, on Flickr

They use pain to maintain discipline. Whips are well used.


IMG_0296 by codyhenning, on Flickr


IMG_0297 by codyhenning, on Flickr


IMG_0299 by codyhenning, on Flickr


IMG_0281 by codyhenning, on Flickr

The Captain does not argue:


IMG_0281 by codyhenning, on Flickr


IMG_0301 by codyhenning, on Flickr


IMG_0307 by codyhenning, on Flickr

The first officer grabbing a drink:


IMG_0304 by codyhenning, on Flickr


IMG_0331 by codyhenning, on Flickr

Below decks the pirates quench their thirst in the crew quarters and have a bit of fun:


IMG_0324 by codyhenning, on Flickr


IMG_0326 by codyhenning, on Flickr


IMG_0316 by codyhenning, on Flickr


IMG_0317 by codyhenning, on Flickr

The Galley cooks up some mean stew in the oven:


IMG_0325 by codyhenning, on Flickr


IMG_0314 by codyhenning, on Flickr


IMG_0318 by codyhenning, on Flickr

Up front a fine storage or room for shenannagins with the escape hatch that goes to the front and 2 lockable doors.


IMG_0310 by codyhenning, on Flickr

Everything cross sections easy:


IMG_0328 by codyhenning, on Flickr


IMG_0334 by codyhenning, on Flickr

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Very nice. It feels like we have been getting a lot of different versions of ships lately and this one adds to it. I like the shape with the cabin and area above it along with the small area at the front. I like the netting and seeing it makes it look even better.

This ship also has a lot of details and the interior is great. Thanks for Sharing with us :pir-classic:

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The masts and rigging could use some more work (the yards, for example, are quite short and thin), but the rest is really nice.

It looks very modular and the interior is nice as well, with a lot of details.

I especially like the doors, the oven and the captain's cabin, though the stern is a bit too wide IMO.

But good job overall.

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Definately on the masts and rigging. I just dont have time to do it until next week and i was hoping for some opinions. There is alot i still need to do to it before its fully done. Tile in the cabin (checker), possibly installing a bunch of LED's, sails need to be made too..

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This is nice ship. It will look even better if you'll make it more studless (especially handrails).

Haven’t you heard: women on board = bad luck. I saw at least 2 troubles.

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I like this ship! The overall construction, the massive hull, the sterncastle, the bow, the detailed interior with little action scenes.. All very well made. Now i wanna see some sails! :jollyroger:

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Will do, thanks for all the feedback and keep it coming. Look for some update pictures early next week with sails, rigging, and hopefully some tiled handrails. Ill have to scrounge for some brown flat pieces on bricklink im sure. Also, is there anything any of you would change? I was hoping to achieve the look of a ship similar to the "Golden Hind" (of Sir Francis Drake).

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