LDD: How do I order without moderation?

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Hi everyone,

Here is the script you requested - you can paste the output from the script in the post after this one and add the bricks to the PaB shoppingcart.

(paste another model and add again to compile a larger order, no undo/substract implemented though)

Another use is to show the PaB shoppingcart as a list that you can cut and paste into a texteditor for later use.

Install greasemonkey into your firefox browser, click on the link below and restrict the script to 'http://shop.lego.com/pab/PabPage.aspx'

Greasemonkey PaB Script

You will see a small box in the upper left corner of the PaB page if installed correctly.

ToDo for someone else:

SuperKalle may compare the input format to his LDD-manager, maybe bricklink id' and cleartext name of the brick can be included...

Hobbles might try to add the jQuery code on the PaB page to parse lxfml directly if needed - they do include some jQuery but it just didn't work for me when I tried.

Oh, and we might start a new topic with some searchable tags once you think it is fit for everyone.

Thanks for the add in. TLG have updated the URL for PAB, please can someone tell me how to change it, as the script isn't showing on the new page.


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Let me quote the legal notice found on the Lego website, so that you know what we are talking about here. Lego says:

It is even cleaner and clearer in the terms page on the Design By Me page:

5.0 Your Model & other uploaded Material:

When you submit your model you automatically assign the right to any of your material to the LEGO Group. The LEGO Group may use the material for any purpose whatsoever.

5.1 These purposes include but are in no way limited to:

• Development

• Manufacturing

• Marketing

• Sales

5.2 The Material includes but is not limited to:

• Your model

• Techniques

• Ideas

• Concepts

• Know-how

• Any feedback or communication you send as part of your model submission.

If you have chosen to include your model in the gallery, you should also expect that other LEGO® fans will use and/or be inspired by your creations.

Seems very clear there. :laugh:

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I have updated the script:

Greasemonkey PaB Script

Lego changed the url of the shop.

The only change is that the script should now be restricted to 'http://customization.lego.com/*'

I'm not sure if greasemonkey has been updated aswell, if that is the case you need to change the line in the script

from shop.lego.com/... to the url mentioned above.

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Johnn, please note you just bumped a 2 year old topic. Generally (in any forum on the internet), if you are bumping such old topics it needs to be really important news, not just a "I guess not".

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