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MOC Cemetery, my version

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I dunno what it is about Christmas, but it makes me think of doom and gloom!

Not really. Seeing Brick Wild's MOC a few threads back reminded me of one I'd made that I never submitted to public ridicule, so keeping with the happiness of the season, here's my Spooky Cemetery, part of my Spookytown TM collection.


These are intended to compliment the more ghoulish Minifigs that LEGO lets trickle out now and again. I'm also a bit of a design minimalist, trending towards a "LEGO coulda made that" aesthetic rather than the really artistic stuff many of you guys do. Either way, it was made in LDD and then ordered through DesignByMe [the one and only time... it's cool as anything, but insanely expensive]. More thoughts on all of that, as well as some real-life pictures of the set, can be seen here. (I hope that's not a breach of protocol by linking that. Sorry if it is.)

Anyway, here's the whole thing in digital. I'll pat myself on the back for getting a spiderweb in there despite LDD's limitations.


Here's some of the details.


And the Mausoleum at the back has some features. It's pretty low, so you'd have to hunch, but there are secrets inside that our investigators wanna




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Very nice LDD MOC IAmWillGibson! I really like the interesting elements you've put in this design, the most notable ones include the stone angel statue, the mini-water fountain, the improvised spiderweb and the 'inverted-built' lamp posts. Very creative with the lighted background and snow effect in the first photo too! Good job overall. default_thumbup.gif

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So I know this is totally not worthy, but as it's the only original thing I've ever made that's even vaguely 'complete,' I CUUSOOd this thing!

I figure, hey, there really isn't anything like it out there, so there might be some chance, right?

Hit it up!

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