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LDD MOC UCS Cthulhu Bust

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So here's something I've been experimenting with for the last couple days. I was going to attempt something in LDD that seemed like it could be a UCS-level thing. I wanted to make a full Cthulhu model. I also decided not to use Universe mode, as, I dunno, a challenge. And if I ended up loving the thing and I fell onto a pile of money, maybe I'd order it. I'm not sure I do and I know I didn't, so it will remain virtual for the time being. I also left it as a bust rather than a full figure, mostly because of the LDD parts limitations, and constructing an entire body still might be a little beyond me. Still, here are some photos:


I guess it could also work as just a monster squid thing. Although it's pretty wonky if that's the case.


I didn't really know how to round the head out, so I went with a transparency with some alien extradimensional brains inside.


I'm not in love with the underside, but it was hard coaxing LDD into letting me get pieces into some of those angles, and maintain some level of [virtual] stability. Speaking of LDD being a pain in the rump, instead of a name plate I made an Elder Sign:


That Flex tool is super aggravating!

Anyway, yeah. What's terrible about it?

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Great work of Cthulhus head, but thats no the elder sign :wink:

I know, I know, it's the Derleth/Chaosium one, but that's why I said it's AN elder sign, not THE elder sign. Also, the Lovecraft version didn't really translate as effectively. At least not so far, but I'm plenty open to suggestion!

EDIT: Okay, just for you, this is now on the back of the stand:


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As an LDD builder, I have to commend you for doing such a wonderful job on this LDD MOC! I know how tedious and effort-consuming getting the intended angles of those tentacles, plus the flexing of the chain piece to form the Elder sign. Overall, this creation looks really very intimidating for a sea monster, and I sincerely would love to see this realized in brickbuild in the near future. Impressive work IAmWillGibson! default_thumbup.gif

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