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Hello. A community project is where all the people involve agree to make the same movie- only 2 have finished- the day crashed- and cleaning time. I hope to be the third.


It's the story of 2 people- a guy and his girl; who must crash Justin Bieber's wedding to Taylor swift in New Hampshire; so they don't amek little Twibieber babies! Along the way they meet crazy highlighters (twilighters), greenspan (GREENDAY), EB-SPAM (C-SPAN), a man with a large bucket, lego conventioneers, and even gangsetrs! (and more.) They get to New Hampshire- and crash the wedding- doesn't work. So they crash the reception- doesn't work. So they get up on stage and sing. Then they fight. The boy falls in love with Taylor swift; the girl with our canadian Meatloaf wanna-be. The movie ends.


I have divided this up into phases.

-PHASE 1: pre-production- sign ups; script is written.

-PHASE 2: production- sets are built. The animation is done.

PHASE 3: post-production- Voices are done. effects are added to film.

PHASE 4: editing and release- the editing is done. And finally the film is released.

We are on phase 1. I need people to do the following things:








And prob other things.

A casting call will go out later- but they include:

- Frank






-news man


-lego conventioneers

-crazy highlighters

-random extras

-wedding guests



-Canadian mounties

-American police



(I think more)

so sing up to do something!


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This sounds awesome, to bad i'm in the middle of a project already,a nd with THAC (a Brickfilm contest) coming up i have to prepare, I can't wait for it to come out!

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