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Big Daddy Jipay sais Hello!!!

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So hi my Name is Jipay a,d you can read more about me in the staff section (I'm too lazy). I make the really high effort to copy/paste my biography here (oh god, waking up is hard...)

"I was born in 1982 and always played with lego as far as I can remember. I was fond of pirates and also space. Not the classic space which is ugly in my opinion, but the space police and also the iceplanet. I had two or 3 years of interruptions that some people will call a "dark age". In fact it was not so dark, some days were quite sunny. I came back in the Lego hobby with star wars (like 80% of the "AFOLs"). I'm now the owner of quite a large collection. I also created Eurobricks in september 2003 with DoubleT. It has always been a great fun of beeing part of this community so far"

I'm actually studying business (Information systems, logistic) at the ESSEC business school in Paris

can't wait for the other to introduce theirselves :)

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