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Dear Eurobricks Community,

The Eurobricks Staff have received quite a number of feedbacks with regards to our current search system to look for topics in our respective fora. After much consideration and careful evaluation, we have decided to open a public channel for our Eurobricks members to drop their request in this topic, in case you find the current search system not being helpful. Our Eurobricks community (helpful and knowledgeable members) and staff will come in to aid in your request before you go ahead and creates a potential duplicate topic which could result the Staff to moderate by merging it to the original topic.

Remember, use the current search system first before using this channel. Don't use it as a form of convenience.

Pointers to note

- This topic is meant for genuine search requests. Please be mindful that the Eurobricks Staff are monitoring this closely.

- Eurobricks members who are intending to search for a discussion (past or present) and cannot find any, and also afraid that their discussion has been created before, you may leave a note here to request for aid.

- Eurobricks members can come in and assist the requests by dropping or directing them to the correct original topic of interest.

- Spamming in this topic will not be tolerated. Chambering will be immediate.

You must use the following format below to post your request, so we could help you to expedite your search.

Topic of interest:


Remarks (if any)

Feel free to clarify further if you have any doubts or question. Thanks.


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