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Chaulssin is a dark elves city ("Drow").

Tower was built for this 32x32 challenge obeying the rules of prime colors (red, blue, yellow) and 32x32 base.


Trough its history continually conquered, always in disturbance, partly brought into the Shadows plane and never completely returned, Chaulssin is not a typical Drow city. It is a symbol for fight for freedom, shadows, hidden creatures and it is a dangerous place for living, even for the Drow.


This is one of the towers inside the city, called House of Hidden Masters. In it we can see Drow - Zekylyn, magic oriented, Drow - Shadar-kai, slim and fast dark assassins and Drow - Dark Bear, muscles of Chaulssin Drow.


Maybe it is interesting that in this Drow city girls are not the ones with the final word, like they are in most of others Drow cities. Also, Lloth is not worshiped here, and that is the reason that we can't see neither one spider inside the city, or on this tower.

Once, shadow dragons conquered the city, and brought it to the shadow plane, from where it was returned when Drow raised and fight their freedom. But it was not completely returned, parts of buildings are still in that plane, and the darkness of shadows can be seen all over the town, giving the building a special evil tone.

To get better impression of this tower height, I will take a picture of my girlfriend (180cm) near the tower tomorrow ;)


Fast links:


I've put new picture of my girlfriend near the tower, to get impression of MOCs heights; She is 180 cm (5.9 ft) :) Chaulssin tower is approximately 140cm high (4.6 ft)

I do hope that I am not breaking rules of conduct here :)


What you see around the tower is city walls for the new MOC, Ched Nasad, but that is another story; I Was waiting for Ivana (girl) to come so we can make this photo :) And that is why Chaulssin is not disassembled, and I was building around it :) So this is also a little sneak peek on a things to come ;)

Here you can see my other Drow cities:

Ust Natha

Ched Nasad



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Wow, this is a very impressive creation Angeli, the black-red color scheme really does it for me. default_thumbup.gif The building techniques you employed in this MOC are quite clever, especially at the top part of the tower. Great work!

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Great building. I don't know anything about the dark elves but it's a nice MOC for sure :classic:

I especially like the gate and the detailed part just above it.

There are many small window parts and other coves with arches, which are really nice.

I also like the top of the building, it's both chaotic and harmonious, which I think, really fits the theme.

Good job :thumbup:

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Great MOC, Angeli! :thumbup:

I too like the red and black colour scheme. The size of it is also very impressive.

Very well done. :classic:


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Wow, thats a very impressive tower you have there with some great detail. I like the red and black color scheme, it really works.

Awesome job :thumbup:

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