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Ust Natha

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Dear friends from Eurobricks ;)

This is my first post on this forum, and first topic of, hopefully, many to come, each with same thematic: Drow cities that I have built, or I will build in the future. I would start with Ust Natha ;)

Ust Natha a is a dark elves city ("Drow"); you could remember this Drow city from Baldur's Gate 2. It was built by Drow to symbolize place where the dark elves first time went underground. "Ust Natha" means "the first" on Drow language; witch is convenient, because this is my first serious MOC.


Ust Natha was always in war, and in my MOC, humans had enough of the wretched Drow, and decided to cleanse the city once for all.

Human army is made from humans, elves, centaurs, giants, and if you look closser trough MOC you can spot a paladin, mermaid, even an angel, summoned by the good witch (you can find them together on one of the bridges connectin guarding towers)

On the other hand, Drow have a lot of slaves and thralls, so we can see orcs, trolls, minotaurs, harpies, goblins an bunch of other monsters. Drow themselves have elite soldiers, so we can see one yuan-ti, runaway beholder, drider (half Drow half spider), etc. On the top of the Great tower Matriarch summoned a demon, but how will that end we will see, because fiends have a nasty habit of turning on their summoners (protection from evil anyone? :)


Due to the fact the defenses are down and humans are invading the city, someone made a mistake and summoned a lich, who immediately opened a portal and summoned a bunch of undead warriors. So we can see revenant, ghoul, skeletons and ghosts (heh), wrath, even older greater wrath, zombies, mummies and everything one lich who calls him self a lich can summon.

Outside the walls we can find ilihtid followed by umber hulk, and in east corner we can spot a Drow who find a magic lamp, summoned a genie and as granted free wishes. And what would one Drow wish (or any of us:)? Money, girls and a big monster to take care of the enemies! Also, by the water and fluorescent mushrooms we can see myconid, I hope it is easy to spot.

All those photographs you can find in folder "Main"


I would like to point to small details, like the dragon who is afraid of the mouse (does anybody remembers that little elephant and Shir-can?, then you can see Drittz, sacrificial pit and the fact that the best Drow warriors (and the best equipped) in the city are females :)

One other thing: all minifigs, as well as the city are totally "playable". In other words, nothing is just leaned on to another just for photographs, a no minifigs will come apart when taken into hands, you can play with everything; city itself is accessible and easy to play with. Playability was something I was leaning to


In folder "construction" you can see the city in the making, It could be interesting how the castle evolved and changed, how some things are discarded or changed with something else during building. And how much fun I had building it

There you can also see details that you can not see in "Main" folder, like flame cross, Matriarch tower etc.



In folder "Minifigs" you can see some of the heroes and Drow that you can not spot in MOC because of the crowd (which is always there, when someone is fighting:)


With hope that you will like my first MOC, I present: UST NATHA

Ivan Angeli


Fast links:

Main photographs


Construction photographs


Minifigures photographs






Here you can see some other Drow cities from me (I will link them when I post them here):


Ched Nasad



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Huge! I can see a lot of effort & red bricks went into this... I like how you've made many characters for it too. I'm certain plenty of fun can be had! :sweet:

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Welcome Angeli to Eurobricks! This is just a spectacular way to introduce yourself, I could just imagine all the effort you've put in this wonderful creation! Keep up the awesome work! default_thumbup.gif

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Great "dark" MOC, which are kind of rare here :thumbup:

I like the bottom-up photos giving an impressive look on the height of the build.

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I like the star wars like rye.

Overall this is very impressive, I like the red color scheme too.

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