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Another day, another MOC :tongue:

I wanted to try and ake a bike which used the unconventinal forkless front suspension. I used the 6L A arms to hold and steer the front wheel with good succes! The bike has suspension on both wheels and rear wheel driven inline 2 engine. The front wheel doesnt steer at a very high angle (arround 15 degrees), but its enough to keep the bike driving in a straight line.


Fat rear wheel:


Suspension without load:


And under load:


I used the transparent cylinder blocks for better view of piston action:


Also made an LDD model. rear wheel is a bigger version, and the front A arms are missing.



Hope you like it!

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Another nice little MOC! By the rate you're pumping out new MOCs LEGO won't have to bother designing new sets anymore, they can just copy yours :laugh:

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I like how you designed the steering connecting joints using two of the universal connectors (I think that's what they're called). It gives the flexibility required without needing to use ball joints. =D

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