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Review: 7782 Batman - The Batwing: The Joker's Aerial Assault

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first a pic of the set:


the different sides of the Jokers copter:





The Jokers copter missiles:


The Batwing:


The Batwings misiles:


The Batwings mega missile:


btw I only did this review to kill time.

You get the Joker. Its a nice big set that helps you kill time. It took me 20 min. to build. The base that holds the Batwing is more sturdier than the b-wings imho. What did you think of my review?




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The pictures are a lot better this time.

Maybe you could try and add some more text to each of the pictures, and maybe make a pros and cons review as that is a good way to tell what is god and what is bad about the set.

It is overall a good review which have improved alot since your earlier ones.

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Share on other sites is this a "real review" compared to your others? I think you have a LOT of potential to make great reviews, but we've all seen the pictures already, what we'd like are your opinions on them, or things that you can't show in the pictures. Talking about how sturdy it is was a great start, but what else? Show how the fireing mechanisms work, etc.

Remember, while a picture is worth a thousand words, that doesn't mean they're good words :-P Sometimes words can be just as, if not more powerful than a picture. Look at Sweeden's review for example, while there are no pictures, it definitely has personality, and describes it so well you could swear you held the thing ;-)

Don't give up on the reviews, I think they're on a good start. Just talk more about how you feel about the sets.

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also, try to avoid using the word "nice" in your reviews, it seems you've used that describing word in every review you have written ;)

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