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Clone OPatra

REVIEW: 4737 Quidditch Match

4737 Quidditch Match  

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Before I start, a word about winter. I'm not talking about some metaphorical thing here, actually the season. When it gets chilly, the heat comes on; and when the heat comes on, the dust flies. I was able to knock out a ton of reviews this year before that happened, but now the dust is flying, and you will be able to notice. So I'm sorry. Fact of life: dust sticks to plastic, does not come off. Ever. Please don't freak out. I'm not some big LEGO-neglecter; there's really very little I can do about it. So, with that in mind, I continue (end, rather) my Harry Potter review series with…


Set Title: Quidditch Match

Set #: 4737

Theme: Harry Potter

Film Connections: Chamber of Secrets

Pieces: 153

Minifigures: 5 (!)

Year of Release: 2010

Price at Release: USD 20, CAD 27, EUR 26, GBP 20

Buy it? Inventory? LEGO Bricklink


It was my original intention to pre-order this set along with The Burrow and Freeing Dobby when the Harry Potter sets went up for pre-order, since that was the cheapest way to get me into the free shipping zone. But then a little voice said to me, 'What do you want that for? That's just some random crap, why don't you buy Hagrid's Hut instead?' Hagrid's Hut is more expensive, I replied. 'Suck it up, the Hut is way more interesting,' said the voice. Fine, I said.

But of course I still wanted this set, just for the figures. So, after getting the Hogwarts Castle and BLing the figures I wanted from the Hogwarts Express, it was time to get Quidditch Match. The question: is there any draw of this set other than the figures?

Let's find out…


Very attractive artwork here. Tons of action going hither and thither and whatnot. Now then, do figures actually fly? In Pshop they do.


The back features the usual pasted-parchment, a bit more flying, and a demonstration of how a catapult works. Borders likes to slap their big stickers right on the box, but you're not really missing anything. (Don't worry, Americans, I didn't pay that much)


This is another set where, just from the box, you wouldn't know that some characters have reverse expressions. Harry's and Draco's happy faces are not pictured on the box anywhere. And, catch the typo? "Oilver Wood" Uh oh.



Quite a small booklet here, but that makes sense. As you could probably already tell, there isn't so much to build.


No piece callouts, but they really aren't necessary. So easy a three year old could do it.


For some reason, this booklet has ads for a few games, some of which I'm pretty sure have not yet come out in the States.


Be advised, the back has the screaming Justin Bieber Jr.


Following the principle of saving the best for last, this section should be last. But that's not how we do it, ever.

Five figures in a $20 set is really unparalleled in licensed sets (or any sets), besides for Battle Pack-type things and a few other oddities. And everybody has a cape too! I love capes, especially when they are in new, cool colors. This is the only set that has dark red capes, drool! Besides that, the figures really aren't too exciting to me overall, since they're just wearing some sweaters, without back printing. I love the Marcus Flint face, though, which is exclusive to this set.


(For non-fans: Harry, Oliver Wood, Marcus Flint, Draco Malfoy, Madam Hooch)

Three out of five have reverse expressions. I really don't find this Malfoy very Draco-y besides for his hair, but I like scared expressions regardless. Hooch's face is just creepy, even if it wasn't printed a bit too low on the head. Gold eyes with silver dots in them? What the heck is that thing?


Oliver Wood

Many of you have probably noticed that Wood looks a heck of a lot like another Licensed character: Mutt, from Indiana Jones.

'Son, I'm so proud of your excellent Quidditch playing!'


Harry and Draco

Whether you knew it or not, this isn't the first Quidditch set. Comparing time!

The original Quidditch figs really weren't so bad, but Harry had a normal red cape with his dark red body. Urgh, how I hated that! The new ones look a heck of a lot more like the Chamber of Secrets Quidditch costumes though, and they just look cooler. They could also easily be used as Hogwarts sweaters, if you wanted to.


Madam Hooch

The truth is, that original torso was extremely detailed. It looks like it would still fit in today! I like them both, but your preference will really come down to if you like that odd curvaceous thing LEGO does on females these days or not. In this case, I think it's a bit odd. The original face wasn't too bad either, but the new one is definitely more exciting. As for the hair, the new one is better, but neither is like Hooch's wacked-out spikes in the films.


The biggest perk of the old one is the striped cape, exclusive to that figure. I wish LEGO had replicated it for the new one, but I'll live.



Quidditch in "real life" requires a lot of accessories, and LEGO supplies them. Everybody gets a broom, there's a Snitch (although not chrome, like the old one), and there are even two quaffles and three bludgers :wacko: Yeah, I don't understand this selection. Even though none of these characters are Beaters, LEGO also throws in two dark brown carrots and helmets (which don't appear until Half-Blood Prince). That's all cool. Who doesn't like more dark brown carrots for all of your "poop-in-the-middle-of-the-desert" mocs?


SET - By Parts

Honestly, the build is so simple that I see no reason to show it to you. Also, I'm lazy. Anyhow, I'll show you all of those different things that make up the "set" part of this set.


No LEGO, you're wrong, it's not a Hufflepuff tower, it's clearly Ravenclaw. In any case, it's simple and has enough details to be interesting. A snot piece, some wood pieces, a few arches (blue new one, gray old one). Not bad.



Yeah, only three, but I wouldn't expect more. They look pretty cool, but are kind of a pain to build because you have to wiggle in the ends of the flexible gold parts into the brick with holes. It was pretty annoying, even if the outcome is pleasing.


Other Stuff

This part looks a like a World Racers set, sort of. You get the trophy stand, and two… catapults. And what exactly are all of those color coordinated cones? Weird plants? Ammo? If ammo… why? The box and instructions give us no clues.



It's a real shame that LEGO doesn't fly in real life because it's very hard to stage a LEGO Quidditch match without at least four hands (with this number of players). But, with the help of some figures that you undoubtedly have from other HP sets, you can recreate some movie scenes!

"We won, Harry, we won!"



Alright, have I actually said anything constructive about this set yet? Probably not. To sum up everything I wrote above in three phrases: stuff looks good, :wacko: , cool figures & accessories. Honestly, I don't care for the set part of this set in the slightest. Some stupid hoops and catapults and a fine tower; really not my cup of tea. Regardless, five figures and a whole bunch of accessories! They aren't exactly the most exciting figures in the world, but they're still useful.

Let me put it this way: I paid $12 for Luna on Bricklink. For just less than double that you can get five figures plus some parts. Why not?


Pieces: 7.5/10 - Some bricks, some other stuff, and accessories! Not a parts pack, though, this one.

Build: 6.5/10 - It's really fast, and putting the hoops together is very annoying.

Minifigures: 9/10 - They look nice, but they could've had back printing and Hooch's face is freaky.

Price: 9/10 - Even though it is a fig pack, I'd still like to get a substantial feeling set if I'm going to give a set full marks on price, so I docked one.

Playability: 5/10 - Really, a Quidditch set is not very playable in my mind. If you're a kid, you end up leaving half the figures lying on the ground, and it really isn't all that fun. Though this is the only HP Sport set, it's more of a display piece.

Overall: 7.4/10 - A very average grade. It's true: cool figs, insubstantial set. If you go into buying it knowing that all you want is the figs, then you should be happy. If you expect any more, I'm sure it will be a let down. For this one, the bottom line is keep your hopes reasonable.

Well, that wraps up HP reviews for me. It's been fun, and thanks for reading people. See you next time, in this forum or another!

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Thanks for the HP series of reviews. Really enjoy your reviewing style.

I agree about this set, save the figures, it's a Quiddich BP. But I'll eventually get a second one for a complete pitch, unless I can get the old set on BL (without figs), since I like the hoops better, personal preference I guess.

Now to start on that "phantom poop in the desert" MOC.... :laugh:

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Very nice review, but I don't really like this set. Not enough substance IMO. Sure, the figs are great, but there is no good build to go along with it.

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Thanks for the review!

I didn't really notice the dust- your pictures are fantastic as always! :thumbup:

The figures make this set- if it weren't for them, it would flat-out suck.

I like the new Hooch, but only the goggle face. Lego screwed up the opportunity to make a nice older female face, but I don't even know what this demonic looking thing is.

The actual set design is the weakest of the line- it seems very thrown together and not very fluid.

If only Lego would give us a set like this with Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff...

-Derek :classic:

(P.S.- When Diagon Alley is released, you HAVE to review it. You have no other choice. :wink:)

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Great review! I also agree that this set sucks, but 5 figures is a great deal and Marcus Flints face is nice.

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Hi Clone O'Patra :classic:

I have this set and I am actually quite happy with it. As a brickfilmer Minifigures are very important :laugh:

But anyway,this review was Amazing, as always.

It's a shame you stop reviewing these sets. I loved your HP reviews, but hey, all the good things come to an end :cry_sad:

Well to make it short : You are a fantastic reviewer, and I hope, as many others here, to see you again :thumbup:

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I've really enjoyed all the HP reviews you've done. I'm up in the air about which are worth buying, but you make it a lot easier to decide. I agree with your conclusion, that this is a set about the figures. I wouldn't mind the brooms either. Still, it's number 3 or 4 on my list.

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Great review, Clone O'Patra! It's obvious this set is all about the minifigures (perhaps we could even conclude the whole new LEGO Harry Potter theme is about lovely new figures). Flint looks really great, like a cartoon version of the actor. I don't think Madam Hooch looks screwed up. If I remember correctly, the Madam Hooch in the first film had yellow/orange eyes and this is how she's described in the book, so they did a good job:

"Their teacher, Madam Hooch, arrived. She had short, grey hair and yellow eyes like a hawk."

The parts of this set are also interesting, especially the minifigure parts and accessories. Green plates are always useful, so are the golden cones. The cup could be the Triwizard cup. But those catapults are unnecessary. If I'd buy this it wouldn't stay together very long I think. Perhaps I'll rebuilt my Quidditch Practise I got years ago to compare the two sets.

What keeps me from buying this set is the price tag of 25 Euro, that's really way too much for what it is. Luckily most of the Belgian LEGO sellers notice this and they put a price tag of 20 Euro on it.

Thanks for this excellent review! :thumbup:

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Great review! I didn't notice any dust. Even after this review though, I'm still on the fence about whether or not to buy this one. $20 seems like a lot for so insubstantial a set. I think I may take the middle path and put it on my Christmas list - letting one of my relatives buy it eliminates the risk! :tongue:

As for the cones - I'm not sure on this, but I think they work like this. You (assuming you are a small child) get a friend to come over, and you each operate one catapult, attempting to put the Quaffle through the hoops. When one of you makes it, you take a cone of your color and put it on that SNOT piece up on the tower, so it functions as a scoreboard. First to four 'wins'. This isn't elaborated on in any of the pictures of the set anywhere, but it's the vibe I got after seeing the official picture in which one Slytherin cone is already up on the scoreboard.

I may be completely wrong, but it seems pretty likely that this mechanic, not so much a play feature as a gameplay feature, was what was intended for the set all along. It certainly makes certain aspects - the catapults, the cones, the otherwise extraneous SNOT - make a lot more sense, and it adds a new depth of thought to the set's design. I just don't understand why exactly this was never elaborated on in the promotional materials, or presumably in the instructions :wacko:

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Awsome reviee Clonie. I wanted this set due to the good pricepoint and number of figs, but after seeing the details up close. I thinking I'm going to buy it sooner. I love the different heads you get and sell the specialty pieces.

Smashing review on top of a cool set.

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Superb review as always, thanks for sharing this and completing the whole series of reviews for all the new HP sets. :thumbup: Regarding the set, I'm really contemplating getting this one because I really like those cool-looking Quidditch outfits, especially my favorite Slytherin ones (though the Gryffindor ones are great too and really looks very regal in dark red).

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Great review, the pictures are very well set-up and high quality. :thumbup:

My favourite part of the set has got to be the minifigs, there is both excellent quality and quantity of them. :classic:

I voted that this set is above average, because the only bad thing about it is that the RRP (£20), it's a bit too expensive for my liking. I'll probably only get this set if it is on sale.

Well done on the review. :sweet:


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Thank you for the nice review! I like this set very much but I will first buy Hogwarts Castle :).

I like all the minifigures (only not Harry)

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fantastic review :D i really regret not getting this set now, i forgot to order it alongside diagon alley and now all the argos' nearby are sold out, guess i'll just have to keep my eye out, but this would never of happened when woolworths was around :laugh: i'll be swapping new hooch's cape for the old one :wink:

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I actually liked this set. I agree that it isnt as playable with Minifigures but when I am at work and have the hoops up, I can catapult the balls through them. I am getting a second for the complete Pitch and will probably use the excess Minifigs as quidditch customs. I also agree with what other people have already stated. There really was not a lot to this set besides the Minifigures. They made this well worth the price point

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Nice Review. I didn't like though how you mocked the old figures. Of course the new ones will look more realistic. As time moves on Technology get's better. The old version was made in 2002. I think it was Incredible for back then, and still triumph's.

Edited by Peppermint_M
Do Not Quote The Whole Review!

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Good review, but I don't understand how quidditch can be played with only one set of hoops though! And I like the Ravenclaw tower, I put Luna in it and pretend she's commentating on the match. (Like in the book version of Half Blood Prince, even though that match was against hufflepuff)

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Wow, this set looks much better than I expected.

Thank you for a great review Cklone O'Patra[/b.

I'll never buy it because I consider it to expensive, and I'm not a big fan of HP theme, but

if I would got it for birthday/Christmas I would be more than happy to have it (and not only because of the free LEGOs).

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