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Eric, the vampire

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I made some vignettes short time before after I got 3 vampires out of 6 series two minifig bags. :hmpf_bad:

I decided to use the faces of the pantomime for the protagonist and built three vignettes, then I created two more after I had some ideas I liked.

The protagonist is, as the headline tells, a vampire named Eric, who lives together with his brothers:

No 1: A scary discovery

While wandering through his castle Eric makes a terrible discovery:


His brother´s working at the electrics without antistatic gloves!

No 2: The "lucky" vampire

When they´re bored, Eric and his brothers sometimes play some poker. For some reason Erci seems always to win...



No 3: Lonely

As a cruel monster, Eric has rarely visitors. And most of them aren´t very friendly either:




Who might have sent this guy? - Right, the IRS :devil:

No 4: Erics brothers try to visit their homeland:


"I said Transsylvania. There isn´t even a country called Transsibiria!"

No 5: Eric´s relative from downtown´s coming...and creates a big mess.


More pictures at Brickshelf

Please note that beyond the figures nothing was used twice.

Questions and comments welcome.

Edited by Rufus

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It's nice to see so many different facial expression for this minifigure. :classic: Furthermore, the roof technique with those minifigure legs is outstanding and very original! :classic:


~ Christopher

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Very nice vampire vigs Peanuts! I agree the minifig legs on the roof detail is very clever and unique. Great job on these! :thumbup:

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