The "Christmas all around" Diorama

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Hey Eurobricks!

That's my litte contribution to 2010th Christmas!

And like Clark Griswold I was searching for something special...

That is the result of adding 10199, 10216, some Bricklink stuff and some "X":


















Here we get closer to the "Clark Griswold" Brick... Let there be light!












Hope you're in Christmas mood now!


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I have been on Chrismas mood already for a month :tongue:

But to the MOC itself, wow, you truly made a beatiful chrismas scene over there :wub: And those lights gives it a very good touch. Overall you did fantastic job whit this :sweet: Merry Chrismas.... Oh wait, it isnt a chrismas yet but oh well..

Captain Becker

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Looking at this makes me want Christmas to come quicker default_blink.gif

The WTS and WB look great together and The light's make it look even better.

I love the piled up snow next to the pathway default_wubnew.gif

Great work Spacepilot3000

(P.S I've blogged about it here, hope you don't mind)

Edited by The Red Brick

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Excellent stuff... the toy shop and bakery look great together especially with your paths and landscaping... but the pictures with the lights lit up are even better... and very festive!!

Great work...

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:wub: Wow. I'm getting all fuzzy inside. I love this. I'm so jealous of your lights! They are so wonderful. I just love the path ways you made too :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

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Beautiful, just beautiful 'spacepilot3000'.....I feel that this was what Lego intended this series to look like together...again beautiful ! :sweet:

The best up ! :wub:

Keep on.......with that Christmas feeling ! :grin:

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:wub: I thought this diorama was stunning, even before I'd seen that it lights up! I nearly fell of my chair because its so amazing! :wink:

~buddy~ :classic:

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Ahh, I could already feel the Christmas spirit upon us, especially after seeing this wonderful creation - the lighting effects are just spectacular and really gives the Yuletide Season mood. :classic:Great job on this spacepilot3000! :thumbup:

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WOW!!! Sorry I didn't comment on this the other day... been very busy since Sunday... but I'm really impressed.

First, on the layout... fantastic. I have those sets, but I'm not planning on a lot of white LEGO "snow," I was just going to rely on the snow "fabric" (that white, almost felt-like fabric with the sparkles in it?) and I'm still not inclined to go as far as you did. As such, I wouldn't be able to do something as cools as the shoveled walkways without having them look stupid, so bravo to all that extra work... that's the kind of thing that turns a simple display of LEGO sets into a real nice MOC, and not just your average MOC, but a GREAT one.

Of course, it's the lights that make it stand out... and I NEED to ask how you did the string of lights. I see the extra wire (just barely though), but I just got a new pack of 3mm white LEDs and had planned on doing the lampposts, but that string of lights is awesome.... but even these tiny LEDs I can't imagine how you fit them into the back of those clips.

Anyhow, congratulations on your Diorama.... you will have me beat for techniques, for sure! (although that doesn't take much)

Also, not to jones in on your thread, but a tip for people who want to do something like this.... these (as well as many other interesting things) are available from LEGO Education:


I may order some more. I have a set for my Hoth display.

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Oh wow. I was just finishing up building my winter toy shop building, and I have most of the two winter sets up on my fireplace mantle. I was going to post photos when I was done, but I can't hold a candle to this.

How did you do the lighting? Tiny LEDs? I'm so confused... Great job though!

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At First the bad news: I had to drill some LEGO Parts. OUCH! I know... But to get all the 1x1 Bricks lighted up, i had to put the cables somewhere... :sceptic::tongue::devil: (The holes are in 1mm, so I could user very thin cable)

The whole project the is realized with lots of 1mm SMD LEDs, (here in Germany i got them from Conrad Electronics) which can be bought around the world in good sorted electronic shops. I used red, green, blue, yellow and white versions.

An Example shot:


Technical data:

Type SMD-LED 1206 with lens

Color xxx

Package 0805 with cable 240 mm

UF 3.15 V

IF 20 mA

Design clearly

Angle 140 °

40 mcd luminous intensity IV

Dim. (L x W x H) 2 x 1.25 x 1.1 mm

RoHS Compliant Yes

To get rid of calculating resistors, i decided to use 4 constant power source kits (2 / 20 mA 3-25 V), which always are giving out the right power for in series soltered LEDs out of 19V. My power supply is an old Fujitsu Siemens Notebook Power Supply.


... coupled with sweat and patience that's the whole secret :grin:

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Thanks, spacepilot; I'm not adverse to a little hard work or drilling 1x1 clips to run wire through... I just got about 500 of them for microscale castles and think I can spare a dozen.

I'll have to see if I can find those LEDs, though; I don't think Fry's has them, although I'm probably better off not buying at Fry's anyway.

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Now that is amazing. The bricks that are lit up just plain don't look like they should be able to light up. I'm just amazed at how you were able to do that.

You really made these sets look good. Even batter than LEGO themselves could. :thumbup:

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Hi. Congratz on this very well done job. I am doing some expiriences with 3mm Led to but i can find such thiny wires. Can you mail me some tip?

Best Regards,

Nuno Caravaca aka nuno2500


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