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Importing LDR to Poser usable file.

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Hello everybody,

I'm trying to import a bunch of LDR models into Poser 7. Unfortunately, I can't get a workable result. This is how I tried to do it. With some luck, I hope you'll be able to see what went wrong or direct me to a better option.

I created the model in MLCAD 3.30 and I saved it in a LDR file.

I opened it with LeoCAD 0.75.1 and exported it to 3D Studio format.

With Poser 7, I import the 3DS model with the following settings. And here I've got a problem : A lot of the vertexes are inverted. I can see them when I import the same file with 'Flip normals' option checked. The same happens if I export my LDR model in Wavefront OBJ format.



LdrDat2Obj produces worse results, with an exploded model.


Converting the LDR file with 3DWin5 5.6c to 3DS or Wavefront OBJ with the following settings doesn't help :



This is the first time I've got problems to import a 3DS or OBJ file to Poser.

Thanks for any help you can provide. :)

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I managed to import models into Lightwave from MLcad and they worked fine. Only problem was they were all individual objects and slowed my system down pretty bad

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