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R/C Racers?

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Just noticed that lego has a small number of remote control Racers....

Looking at peeron inventories, it sounds like they were originally technic with some special motors and R/C modules, but the newer ones seem to be made of larger specialized pieces.

Does anyone know more about these?

Kinda curious just how 'lego' they are (both the new pieces, and the specialized motors)

Might be fun to have, assuming they're still compatible with normal legos...

Any idea if the R/C motors and steering can be hooked up to a Mindstorms RCX? A robot with powerful fast motors like that.....

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I recently bought 8366 supersonic R/C from Ebay it is one of the sets you describe.

The motors are the the new style 9v Technic motors as found in 8421 Mobile Crane they are more powerful than the micro motor.

The RC unit has 2 electric outputs both will run a motor in forward and reverse I understand that the second electric output was only available on this set.

There is also a steering unit which is driven via an axle fitted to the RC unit no electrical connection.

The rest of the set is standard technic studless.

I have seen the RC unit built into several different sets on Brickself as it will drive any of the 9v motors.

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