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'Shark' Hovertank

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This model has been built after real MOC likeness. It was an addiction to my 'Dark Omen' cruiser.

This Hovertank is looks like a one from 'Battlezone' game, where USSR and USA are fighting over the airless scapes of alien worlds, - Moon, Mars etc. - with a machines, which based on basisless chassis.

Well here is this tank:


It's pretty simple, but IMHO stylish.



The two maneuver and one main engines allow 'Shark' to move swift and silent.

It is armed with electromagnetic Gatling (a minigun based on Gauss gun technology)

Shark MK-II

Like the "Shark" Hovertank, but here's a couple upgrades:

1) Wing flaps and manuever engines are placed on a moveable base and rotate well on it.

2) The right blue panel has been replaced by a laser.




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