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Saint Martin

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An old legend told in LEGO.


This is Matin of Tours. He lived a long time ago in Hongary. He was the son of a rich salesman. Ever since he was little he dreamt of becoming a soldier in the army of the emperor.


When he was 15 years old he became a soldier and joined the emperors army.


One day Martin rode to a big city. The weather was very bad, it was really cold. Martin wrapped his cloak around himself. His cloak was warm and cozy. Martin was in a rush. He wanted to reach the city gate before darkness would fall. On the way he met a poor man. The man didn’t have any shoes, no jacket and he wasn’t wearing socks. He was outcast. The poor man was very cold. “What’s the matter?” Martin asked. “Brrr”, the man replied, “I’m so cold and I’m hungry”. Martin thought for a minute.


He took his wallet and gave the man some money so he could buy some food for himself.


Martin also wanted to give the man his cloak. But this wasn’t allowed. The cloak was part of his uniform and without it he wasn’t allowed to pass the city gate.


Suddenly an idea struck him. I’ll give him half of my cloak. So I can keep the other half of the cloak. He took off his cloak and cut it in half with his sword. One half he gave to the man and the other half he wrapped around his shoulders.


The poor man was very happy. He had a cloak against the cold and some money to buy some food. He thanked Martin and left.


And Martin? He rode towards the city gate, very content with himself.


The leaders of the church were so impressed by Martins story that they decided to give Martin the title of Saint. From that day on he would be known as Saint Martin. Untill this day we still celebrate his nameday on November the 11th.


The cast:

The outcast, two soldiers, Saint Martin, father, mother, a younger Martin, Priest


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...Untill this day we still celebrate his nameday on july the 11th.

Really? I thought it was November the 11th.. in our country it's always celebrated on that day.

Children pass the houses and (a bit like with Halloween)they sing something and get a treat.

Anyway, it's a nice story and you did a good job on this.

EDIT: Oh, you're Dutch too so you know how we celebrate it :laugh:

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Wonderful little comic! I've never heard this one before, so everything was new to me. Great way to present it, and the MOCs and pictures were simple, yet effective.

Nice work, keep it up. default_thumbup.gif

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