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Nico71's "Vision of Supercar" Now In Roadster Form

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On SeTechnic and Brickshelf, Nico71 has been refining his " about Supercar: convertible independant suspensions, RWD, gearbox 5R, steering wheel and HOG, based on excelent work of NK....Aim is to design an affordable supercar based on [the Lego set] 8145 inventory."

Here is the original 8145 Ferrari 599 GTB 1:10 set:


Below are some of the many pictures of Nico71's convertible and roadster Supercar. "Convertible old supercar, inspired by 250GTO, Miura, 2000GT. Engine and gearbox placed side by side in the front of car. It s enable to have HOG [Hand of God] axle in the center of frame, with no by pass. RWD, V10, Gearbox, steering wheel and convertible":



"I place the gearbox front of the engine. Switching system is moved underneath the gearbox and gearbox levers are in center of car. I can put in place the axle of HOG in frame center, no need to by-pass the gearbox. The drivetrain axle pass on right side. Traditionally, I must use 3 16t double bevel to by-pass the gearbox because it has a 7-Stud width. With this system, axle of HOG is placed in the center of car.

"The construction is centered in the frame. To switch the gearbox, the two gearbox levers are placed side by side of the axle HOG.

For the principal gearbox Control lever, it is created with this part : 6572 - Technic Suspension Steering Link. It's enable to build a 2-axle Joystick. At least, the drive train axle is placed on the left side of the gearbox and by-pass the gearbox control lever with 1-stud offset.

"Basically, this construction permit me to have a centered construction for the axle HOG (with no 16t), drive train, and gearbox lever. Special thanks to Erik Leppen, who invented the system of gearbox lever axle.


"WIP of Studless Supercar with suspension, gearbox 5 and R, AWD mid engine, doors, trunk, HOG and wheel steering, using the new panel":


Read more about it on this Babelfish English translation of the original SeTechnic post in French. :thumbup::thumbup:

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