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I assume this is in "LEGO Sci-Fi" (and not City or Historical or some such thing) despite Stephen Hawking being a very real, non-fictional person because it's actually recreating the holographic recreation of Stephen Hawking from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Descent"... right?


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Wow! This is certainly strange, I have to laugh at the prospect of anyone building their own Staphen Hawking figure. Amusing none-the-less :classic:

Batbrick Away! :devil:

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It was a little disappointing the original creator wouldn't share his build instructions with the rest of us, especially the people who follow Stephen Hawking, even though on his Flickr account he admitting to just claiming them. Not much you could do one they got online! Funny how three years later there is an Amazon kit you can buy for $40. I do appreciate the blogs that covered it and posted this page for the instructions that go with these pictures that built the instructions. And BTW... TO THE PUBLIC, here is the original parts list that go with the instruction above to make it easier to find the bricks and the other side of the build you never got to see back before 2010.








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