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Here's one of my very simple creations on LDD - An old style television! It is brown to simulate a 'wooden finish', which was used on TVs, stereo loudspeakers and other hi-fi systems in the 1970s & 80s!


Rear view


And showing a safety 'blue screen' when 'switched on'!


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Just for reference, my 1st TV was a Sanyo Telecolour possibly from the early 1980s. It featured 2 headphone outputs, a colour & brightness adjustment, a volume knob which is also an on/off switch and a multiple channel selector knob (0-12). It had a nice wooden finish and it was running on analog TV, which is now on it's way to obsolecense!


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Not bad 'BrickWild', now take it from a tv tech......yes, I still can fix tv's.....Harvey Norman hasn't wiped as all out yet.......the tape tile is an odd thing there and the control panel should be 90 deg rotated and on the top right hand corner......tell you what I'll MOC one in brick to prove my point - dam, I done it now ! :wink:

Anyway nice one and keep on.......saying, the sun always shines on tv ! :grin:

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