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[Comic] The Dreadful Origin Story of SHARKMANCHEW + some older minicom

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Hey guys, I'm Andrei, I'm new here, and I wanted to share these LEGO comics I made :)

Here's the link to where The Dreadful Origin Story of SHARKMANCHEW is hosted:

I figured that this was the proper place to showcase them and maybe get some feedback as well.

If you like'em, well, there will be more, so feel free to comment and point out the bad and the good.

Since the size of the first comic is... pretty big, it might take a while to load (it will seem fuzzy).

I'm sorry about that, please be patient, it will eventually load and show clearly.

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Any plans to do more?

Well, yes, I had planned to do more, so the SHARKMANCHEW storyline might continue.

It's the feedback / critique I'm waiting for really, as it would help me improve the overall quality.

For example, one thing I'm considering for #2 is to replace the TELL with SHOW more often, so that elements like the transformation from the final panels of the pilot will be more visual rather than just a bunch of text describing what happens.

It was longer and required more planning and time than my previous efforts, and sometimes I have the feeling that some don't have the patience to read it all. This is one of the reasons why I'm thinking of making the new number a little shorter, but if it's shorter, then there are fewer story elements it will contain...

All of this being said... comment, rate, you know :)

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Well, after a long, long break, Sharkmanchew is back!

And he's probably going insane because of the events of the previous episode, but... you might be in for a treat in #3, as it will feature less introspection...and more action :)

Read the latest (mini) installment at

The loading might take a while, since the images are quite big (800 by 8400 pixels for just over a dozen panels), so please be patient.

And as always, I'd love some feedback :)

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