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Urban Avenger vs. the Mutant Raptor

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Although it seems unimportant, the set box can often determine whether or not you buy the Lego product,

The box is a bit larger than most Lego boxes for a $9.99 set. This was most likely caused by the dino, and even though at first parents will think it looks too expensive, it will turn out to be only $10.


Is this just a big box with nothingness inside, or is it worth your money?!

You get the instructions and parts. I was surprised to see no ads at the back of the instructions and no club advertisement.


The bricks play an important role in the set's selling, so did you get just basic blocks or cool parts?

Some nice dark red parts here. I like the cylindars and SNOT parts. It is a really nice selection for someone who is looking to build a car.


So you've got a carrige, who pulls it? A car, who drives it? The minifigures often help a set sell well, so are these little guys worth your money?

You get shadow and a dinosaur. Shadow, like all the other figures, are good for a special ops team, but I'm not going to wreck him! He is a really cool figure overall.

The dino is very cool. The posability is muh better than that of past dinosaur sets, and the shape is much more "kid-friendly" than the so-called "realistic" dinosaurs from older sets. My only complaint is he is kind of big for a raptor.


Is playing with this toy fun and interactive, or as boring as a block of wood?

I must say, it is very fun to challange the dino. Adding the dino makes it possible for you to have battles even with only one set. Of course that won't stop you from buying more Dino Attack sets!



It's lead up to just this, is this set good and worth you money, or is it a terrible waste of plastic?

This is overall, a must have set. Buy today, or don't buy at all!

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I like all the minifigs from this line. They look like some crack commando team. Should be fun to build an army with. I also like the helmet without the visor. The other helmet is your standard lego helmet and doesn't look military tbh. The hummer and the copter are well designed but are bigger than minifig scale. The MF looks like a kid sitting in his daddy's SUV. The buggies and the tank I don't quite fancy.

The downside of getting these sets are definitely the dinosaurs. Just what are you going to do with these bulky non-lego-looking bits of plastic? I can't keep giving them to babies. No one will buy them from ebay or from a garage sale.

If possible I like to get lots and lots of the minifigs, build lots of my own jeeps and tanks and have my own mini war scene (like from the pc game, commando). Some SW imperial officers with standard hat or with the grey/brown x-wing helmets would look like german soldiers/officers.

This could have been a really popular line but a few mistakes were made: 1. vehicle bigger than minifig scale. 2. large bit of plastic that cannot be decomposed into useful parts. 3. tank please, not an open top vehicle that rolls on threads.

i would definitely buy them but only at a huge discounted sale and only for the minifigs.

(another thing i don't get is why no personal weapon.) the clone troopers have blasters but these have nothing? easy enough to fix with a few parts from bricklink but definitely odd...

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