Lego Force Attack cards (UK)

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I just found it, so one else will have to explain it, never heard of it, but if your a UK and want a lego card with Grievous on it, then buy the book.


Click on this image for a closer look - it shows the back cover of the latest issue (#12) of the UK edition of The Clone Wars comic which has just been published. The back cover features an advert for the new Force Attax Trading Card game from Topps - it also states the the next issue of the comic (available on the 21st October) features a Limited Edition LEGO Force Attax card - this is the first time we've had any confirmation that the Force Attax cards will feature cross-over cards featuring LEGO Star Wars characters - interesting this development is!

Hope this hasn't been posted else where, if so sorry.

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Don't know, but I would say its a test, and if its popular more would be released.

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