MOC: Mosaic "Codename Aphrodite"

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Hello fellow Eurobrick members,

Today I bring you a bit of what's been my LEGO activity during the past 3 years (not that it actually took that whole time, but...). :classic:

First, a little bit of background story (Better be only a really little bit not to get boring...). :laugh:

It was around November 2007, I was in last year of High School, and there was this girl called Cristina, that I was falling in love with. At this time, I also had joined PLUG (Portuguese LUG) not many months ago, and my passion for LEGO was boiling as much as was mine for Cristina. :blush:

Beeing a computer addict (and now a computer engeneering student at University) I looked for all kinda LEGO related software I could get my hands on. And well, that's when I find that beauty thing called Pic-to-Brick! :grin:

I explored the program a little, and I said "Dude, why not merge my two passions and just make a wonderful Mosaic of this girl?" :hmpf_bad:

And well that's what I did. :classic:

Starting with this photo:


I converted to this:


And made this:


Sorry about the crappy last picture, but my Mom sucks at working with "gadgets" and having her taking a photo can be really painfull. I couldn't take it because I am disabled, and my wheelchair is too low to catch the whole thing in the plan. :classic:

Now for some facts about it.

It's a 96 large per 112 studs high. It's made of 4x 48x48 baseplates in addiction to 3x 16x32 baseplates at the bottom. And now the funny part, it's ALL made of 1x1 plates. :pir-oh3: Seriously. I started that way, I regreted it a lot, but there was no way back, and now it's done I don't regret it at all, because it's cool! :thumbup:

What I also don't regret is the 380€ I spent on it (Could have saved nearly 50€ had I not bought the pieces in a whole lot of different orders! :thumbdown: ).

It was mainly done this Summer. This because at first I had to relay on friends to order pieces for me, wich delayed things, and then because when I went to University I got busier, and moved to a rented house, leaving the Mosaic on my own house to work only a little on it at some weekends. :thumbdown:

Last but not least, I would like to leave some thank messages. To all my PLUG friends, who encouraged me, helped me, and enjoyed my work. Same for all my non LEGO friends. And a special mention to my little 8 years old who was a HUGE help in placing a lot of plates (and I thought she would get bored after a few). :grin:

Well, guess I've talked to much so far. :hmpf:

Cheers, enjoy and share your feelings. :thumbup:


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Wow, I'm totally impressed with you Pocas, not only with your wonderful mosaic creation, but how you passionately devoted your time, effort, and resources to come up with this unique and well-concepted "gift". I wish you all the best with your beloved one. :wink:

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Bravo, this is an amazing mosaic! I can't do this for my soul, so your ability to recreate that picture so perfectly is honestly astounding! I wish you the best in your pursuits mate, and definitely and truly keep bricking! :grin:

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Congratulations for finishing your giant mosaic :classic:

It turns out to be very cool.

I wish you luck with Cristina ;)

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That is simply awesome, I love a good story. I have to agree, is there a happy ending? Are you dating this girl? Does she know of your dedication to her?

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Ah! Great timing I had when I decided to come check if there were any new posts here.

I am going to be honest. She doesn't know anything... yet!

I plan on making everything a surprise for her birthday (next Monday, the 8th).

I just hope that with all things I have to do these days (University work, LEGO promotions to attack, a LEGO exhibit to organize for my LUG, etc etc etc ....) I don't forget to do it on schedule.

To be honest, I hope she atleast likes the work, even if she doesn't like me. :tongue:


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