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Commander Laquiet

Crab Snatcher

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Just thought I'd show off my new crab design...



Sorry about the pictures, I was in a hurry and failed to notice the ugly line running along the first pic, and of course I took the second pic badly, wrong setting.

I hope the crab can be of some interest though - it is made up of a black steering wheel with a small pipe running through it, and flesh hands attached around the outside. Simple to make, but quite effective, I think. And, of course, it was an excuse to make a little landscape scene.

Thanks for viewing!

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Very nice use of the fleshie hands! Good design of the crab. The snatcher would be a fool not to catch the crab with that oversized net! :laugh:

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This is another good example of alternate use of big and otherwise useless pieces. Plus, it looks pretty funny, as you chose also the perfect face expression for the "hunter". :classic:


~ Christopher

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