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Gianluca Morelli

Suggestions for future collectable minifigs...

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Hi, I'm almost sure this matter was alredy discussed but I couldn't find the topic, so apologies in advance if this topic is a duplicate.

Well, the title says it all so let's start with the list:

1) Einstein ("scientist") a generic scientist, with a double sided face (back side is the famous "tongue face"). Maybe we can give him some chemistry glassware (a test tube in one hand and an Erlenmeyer flask in the other, even if Einstein was a physician and not a chemist).

2) Asian lady ("geisha"), with umbrella, kimono and ribbon.

3) Mermaid, but sitting and not standing, like the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen harbour (Lego never made a sculpture of it, what a shame!)

4) Devil (*) red, with a trident and goat legs.

5) Angel, with a neck bracket that supports the wings

6) Chaplin, with bowler hat (reusable in victorian themes, if any) and stick

7) Eskimo/Inuit with smoked fish and snowshoes

8) Boxer, with gloves (reusable as snow gloves) and black eye be continued...

Please let me know what you think,


(*) some may think it's unappropriate for children, but how many times it recurres in fairy tales, movies, cartoons etc?

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