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Zombie and vaudoo priest Cube-dude.

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Hello, this time I try cube-dude; I changed the size of bodies. I hope that you will like that is one can be gore. :sick:

The zombie come back from the world of the deaths. One can emaciated. :sick:

zombie10.jpg zombie17.jpg

zombie18.jpg zombie20.jpg

And the vaudoo (voodoo... ) priest. :kahuka:

moc_pr12.jpg moc_pr13.jpg

moc_pr14.jpg moc_pr15.jpg

I am going to gather both creations soon, by making one decorations of cemetery with some creepy details.

Critics and comments are welcome; more photos on my FlickR and french lego forum. :wink:

Capt'n Zombie!

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These two has got to be the best fan-made cube dudes I've seen so far! Who would ever have thought that cube dudes can have this so much detail? I'm lovin' the internal organ details of the zombie, very clever use of horns, MF arms, and flesh/pink/red colored pieces for the brains and guts. The VooDoo priest is also nice, especially the detailed staff he has. Very impressive works Capt. Spaulding! default_thumbup.gif

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