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[Review] 4842: Hogwarts Castle IV

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Yesterday I got my hands on the all new Harry Potter Castle. This was one set I really wasn´t gonna get.

But when there is an oportunity for you to all of the sudden own it, I didn´t hesitate after all.

To fuss up things a bit more, lets just say a guy gave me it from the back of his car...

I am not a reviewers expert in any way, and Svelte kind of already made an exelent review of this set,

I just wanted to fill in the blanks of this set, and I do hope someone finds the time to make a proper review one day.

I should state once more, I am not a HP fan, and therefore I am not familiar with all the things and rooms in this set.

I neither have a desire to look it up. If you don´t either know what different items or rooms is, you check it up :laugh:

With no further talk, lets get to it.

Name: Hogwarts Castle

Item No: 4842

Release date: 2010 21 of September

Figures: 10 Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Albus Dumbledore, Argus Filch, Filius Filtwick, Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape, Voldemort and 2 x Dementors.

Parts: Didn´t count

Price: ??

Theme: Harry Potter


Previous castles:

post-114-128416434203.gif post-114-128416449128.gif post-114-128416454182.gif

These came out in 2001, 2004 and 2007 so I guess it was about time there was a new one.

The box.







The set contains of 10 polybags, all numbered:


The stickers:


Funny thing with this set is that even if there are stickers in it, some parts are printed.

We will come back to that later.

Random pages out of the 3 instruction books:



Inventory lists:



The minifigs:

The Dementors have two different printings on their heads as shown in this picture.



Harry and Hermione backsides and Albus with no bear and hair.


Albus head also has two faces and a printed backside of the torso.


If a minifig isn´t shown in any picture from it´s back, it doesn´t have a printing there.

Next picture is Mrs Norris (the cat) with printing, and Harrys invisibility cloak:


The owls of this set is really nice:


The build.

Bag 1:


This is the small parts of the wall that goes in between th bigger builds.


Bag 2:




On the box you can see that Harry is hiding in here. I have no idea why.


Bag 3:




Restricted area of the library.



Bag 4:


This is one of the printed tiles in this set.



The night can spin around, and behind him is a...


...black book hidden. No books in this set have any printing (there are 3 brown books in the Restricted area as well).


Bag 5:



Here is where the owls are stored when they are not delivering letters.


Bag 6 and 7:

On to the great hall.





Bag 8:

There are some really nice parts in this part of the building.




Bag 9:


Another printed tile. Doesn´t "Powerfull" spells with one "L"?





Bag 10:

Dumbledors office.


3 of many reasons why Harry Potter nerds fans probably want this set.






Spare parts:


In its all glory.

1st picture is the castle unfolded.


Folded as much as can get.


Same folding but from the inside.


And again unfolded.


And with all the figs in it. Don´t mind Timo Räisänen singing there. That is an Easter egg to someone :wink:


A picture to show the coloured glas above the door which I really like :wub:


Just added this picture since I really think this hair looks so much better than the horrid original one.


For the request I added a better picture of the cat (which I had no idea it had a name, but I got some help with that).


It was a pretty good set to build, but once again since I am not a fan of this wizard I guess you who are will enjoy the set much more than I do. It has some awesome figs and animals in it. Some nice printed parts, but apart from that, this set will live a short life assambled in my LEGO world.

If there is anything you want to see better pictures of, just let me know.

Thanks for taking your time to look at this review.

At last I just want to thank the guy that gave me the opportunity to be able to share this experiance with you.

Once again, Thanks!

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Woohoo! A real review this time! :grin:

I think this is the best one because it looks most like a castle.

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@ Prateek: It was up for less then ten seconds before set invisable, and you still managed to post a reply.

Cudos my friend :wink:

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Thanks for the review. Another great HP set with loads of detail and rare, one of a kind pieces. Can't wait to pick this one up.

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The real deal now, I see. It looks great! When I get it, I'm replacing the weird glass bookshelf. Maybe with a classroom or a real library. Great review, and I especially like the paintings dotting the walls. :classic:

Filch is alright, the Invisibility Cloak looks crappy, and I think you forgot to put the capes on, or didn't choose to.

Edited by CallMePie

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Thanks 'Ras 74' for the review......oh, man.....now I want to get this set ! :wub:

The figures and printed tiles are just AWESOME ! :grin:

Each part of the castle is very well detailed....although we have another large DSS ! :wink:

I'm going Layby on this when it comes out, my son will be happy indeed ! :grin:

I can't wait for the next review so I'm a conformist! everyone ! :sweet:

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Thanks for the review Ras 74! This is the best Hogwarts in my opinion. All of the nice details make it great. My favorite part of the set is the Great Hall. I also like the minifigures a lot. There is a lot of double sided heads I never knew about that are very useful for a lot of purposes. I probably won't be able to get this though.

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Great review, thanks Ras. I already knew that I wanted this set, but now after seeing the owls, the printed tiles, the turkey, the minifigs - the everything - I'm not sure how I'll be able to hold out untill October. This Harry Potter nerd is quivering in anticipation :tongue:

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Owls!! :wub:

They look fantastic, they printing on them is impeccable. All the printed pieces are incredibly well done and great to see they arent stickers.

This does really look like the best set to get if you are a HP Fan. Who knows, I may even pick this set up if I see it at a low price somewhere.

Great review Ras! :thumbup:

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Aaahhh!!! I can't wait 3 more weeks till October! This is a mild form of torture Lego! Why do you do this to us!?!?

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Sold! Thank you so much for this review Ras! Now I will no to skip all these little sets for now and just get this. :wub: This set has so many little details that just make this set spectacular! I can see a new sig-fig torso in Filch or Flitwick too.

EDIT-My apologizes. I said "Def" instead of Ras. I wonder where I got that...

Edited by JCC1004

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Nice review Ras74, I am not surprised much since i was expecting kind of similar... Imagine what could have been this one in a proper box with blisters ... :-O

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Well done Ras.

Great to see you get the review done despite having a fever. That's the true AFOL spirit.

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A really nice review, Ras74.

I was undecided, if I get this set or not. Now it is clear for me. I love this set :sweet:

It looks so great. There are so many rooms, yet small but detailed and the printed animals are gorgeous.

Really really nice :thumbup:

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best HP set ever for me. Full of details.

Nice minis, Nices brick colors, Nice animals, nice Stickers.

Nothing to change! All is perfect!

Edited by Toth

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Thank you so much for this review Def

I am not often getting ego, but this time I will make an exeption. Def? Def?? :tongue:

Thanks for liking the review. I wasn´t hundred percent satisfied with the review, but on the other hand, I haven´t reviewed so many sets either.

I should probably sign up for that Reviewers Acadamy. Probably any day now :hmpf:

If you have questions, just let me know and I will answer them.

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Great review of a fantastic set! The detailing looks very nice, and you captured it pretty well with your pictures. Great job! Best, K.

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What a outstanding review! I really love this set and it will probably the first one I will get! I really love all the details!

One question : Where are the capes of Snape, McGonagall and Voldemort?

Edited by It All Ends Here

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Great review of an excellent looking set. They packed alot of detail as well as set pieces into this castle set. Dumbledore's office would have been complete with a pensieve and Fawkes, but is pretty neat as is. I wish TLG made regular castle sets more along the lines of this set, with all the excellent structural elements and details, after all, not every castle was designed as a fortress, and a palacial castle would be nice to break up the monotony.

Anyway, it's a great rendition of Hogwarts with lots of neat quirky details, awesome figs and creatures, nice playability features, and lots of rooms to play out scenes. Good job, TLG! This almost makes up for the terrible looking Aragog that's coming out this year.

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:wub: :wub: :wub:*huh* *huh* *huh**oh2* *oh2* *oh2*:sing: :sing: :sing::wink: :wink: :wink::grin: :grin: :grin::blush: :blush: :blush::sweet: :sweet: :sweet::laugh: :laugh: :laugh::wacko: :wacko: :wacko::tongue: :tongue: :tongue::classic: :classic: :classic::thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup::cry_happy: :cry_happy: :cry_happy:



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