Eurobricks Collectable LEGO Minifigures Series 2 Building Contest

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Eurobricks Collectable LEGO Minifigures Series 2 Building Contest

[CATEGORY B Entries]


Category B - Build an Interaction Vignette between Minifigures Series 1 & 2

Build an 16x16 vignette from any theme where you could display one of the minifigure inside Series 1 interacting with an imaginary minifigure inside Series 2. As long your vignette is able to show the interaction between both series, then you are on the right track. Take this opportunity to build and write a good original storyline to impress us. Anything is possible.

Where would you display one of these?


Mexican ~ Weightlifter ~ Pop Star ~ Traffic Cop ~ Lifeguard ~ Jungle Explorer ~ Spartan ~ Vampire

Pharaoh ~ Witch ~ Mime Artist ~ Ringmaster ~ Karate Master ~ DJ ~ Surfer ~ Skier

Where and How would you display one of these in the Interaction Vignette?


Spaceman ~ Crash Test Dummy ~ Cheer Leader ~ Tribal Hunter ~ Robot ~ Ninja ~Clown ~ Magician

Forestman ~ Wrestler ~ Caveman ~ Deep Sea Diver ~ Nurse ~ Skater ~ Zombie ~ Cowboy


Category B - The Rules

  1. Build a vignette that measures 16 studs by 16 studs (No height limit).
  2. You are require to write a storyline background to explain the vignette interaction story between the selected minifigure in Series 1 and the imaginary minifigure in Series 2.
  3. The chosen minifigure from Series 1 is required to be shown in the entry, while the imaginary minifigure from Series 2 is not allow to be seen in the entry.
  4. A reasonable overhang is allowed to accommodate tree limbs or minifigure accessories, but may not exceed more than 2 studs outside the base.
  5. You may use the same type of minifigure in both categories.
  6. This is a building contest. Be creative. Any themes is allow as long you are able to relate the interaction between both minifigs from different series.
  7. No Series 2 minifigures are required. You don't need to own the figure you create a home for, and it will not improve your chances if you do. You may not include the official minifigure or it's new accessories/parts from Series 2 in your official entry pictures. You may use accessories that already existed, like the bow, but not new ones from Series 2 like the microphone, for example. Please note Series 1 minifigures and parts are allow in this category.
  8. No clone brands or custom parts including decals, stickers, cut outs unless it's official TLG stickers.
  9. No placeholder minifigure (Series 2) can be used to reflect the actual position in the entry.
  10. There is no parts limit as long as it all fits within the vignette.
  11. Entries are to be posted in this topic.
  12. One entry per person. An entry must include a picture (no larger than 800x600) showing the vignette without the minifigure you built it for. Include the name (type) of that minifigure and the theme that you have done. Other minifigures may appear in the pictures. You may include up to 2 more images following the same rules. If you choose to take additional pictures, you may link to an outside gallery.
  13. Digital backgrounds are allowed.
  14. No webcam or handphone camera images can be used for the submitted entry. It must be taken in a clean and decent background with enough brightness to show the beauty of your entry.
  15. The contest begins now and will end on the 28th of September, 2010 at 1200hrs (GMT+8). Voting will begin immediately after that and will last 7 days.
  16. In the event of a tie, the Staff will vote to decide the winner(s) and all Staff decisions are final.
  17. Any violation of the rules will be subject to disqualification.

The Voting!

At the end of the entry period, a posting topic will appear listing the eligible entries for the above categories. Members who joined prior to the start of the contest will then be able to post how they wish to use their 3 points to vote for the entries they like best. A single entry may receive all 3 points, or the points may be divided between 2 or 3 entries, however the voter wishes.

It's just that simple!

Please use this thread for any further discussions or questions pertaining to this contest and most of all ...

Have fun!


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Here is my entry

Theme: The Heart of Texas

Minifigure: Mexican

While America was young and Texas was still being formed the cowboys living there often times had to chase or fight the Mexicans out, so that one day, Texas would truly belong to America.

In this scene you can see 2 cowboys (or vacaros) chasing off yet another annoying, singing Mexican.

Picture 1


Picture 2


Be sure to check out my other pictures on my Photobucket page


Edited by WhiteFang

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Here's my entry!

Theme: The Gym(Town)

Minifigure: Weightlifter

Just imaging the weight lifter enviously watching the robot lift all that weight while he struggles with 100 lbs on the back bench press.

So, Enjoy!


P.S. Thanks to legowill1 for pointing out the my illegal part usage, thankfully, I was allowed to perform a quick switch out of the torso.

Edited by WhiteFang

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Here's my Entry for the contest. This is the first contest I've ever participated in so I hope I've done everything correctly.

The minifigures I chose for this interaction are the Pharaoh and the Spaceman in an ancient Egyptian tomb.



Tomb Interior:


Closeup of the Spaceman's spaceship:



Earth was decimated by war by its inhabitants many millennia ago. The ensuing conflict devastated the planet's environment and made it uninhabitable. Some Humans fled into the stars, where they journeyed to a new solar system to start anew. Thousands of years have passed since Earth has been abandoned aside from the occasional bandits who land on the surface looking for anything of value in the wreckage.

Meanwhile, on one of the many planets colonized by the Humans who managed to escape Earth, a spaceman finds a curious map hidden within an artifact that has been passed down in his family for generations. The map marks a location on Earth, a location that supposedly hides a vast riches all for the taking!

With this knowledge in hand, the astronaut leaves on an adventure back to Earth using his small and nimble spaceship. Landing on the surface in the ruins of Ancient Egypt, which has remained largely intact, the spaceman discovers a hidden entrance to the underground tomb using the map. After journeying through catacombs for hours he eventually comes upon a giant chamber containing a hoard of treasure; gold, diamonds, jewels and other valuables are all his for the taking!

However, unbeknownst to the Spaceman, something else is lurking inside the tomb. The Pharaoh has awoken and opened his sarcophagus, and he's not about to let the Spaceman leave with his treasure!

Additional pictures on Brickshelf:

More on Brickshelf (when public)

Edited by Optimus

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My entry for this category.

Over the last few years her fame faded. Her gigs get smaller and smaller. At last only a couple of people wanted to see her. The last CD she released was a financial disaster. After this she was sure that her career has ended.

But one morning she received a letter. A really old looking one. She opened it and released the almost ancient paper. She read it very carefully. All of it sounded very weird. It was an offer for an exclusive concert, next week, with a payment that would equal the money she earned in her first two successful years. This was truly an offer she can't refuse. The location was a little bit creepy (a long abandoned fair), but who cares. The letter was signed with "Your greatest fan". OK that sounded really creepy. At this moment she noticed another paper. It was a contract. The words "please sign immediately" poped to her eyes. She took a pen and signed. A thought comes to her mind "With this gig it can't get any better", even if it means to hell and (maybe) back.

The stage, with the crowd waiting for the star. One had too much to drink it seems.


Why do this guy need a chainsaw?


The thin technician climbs the ladder to operate the lights. In the other corner is the crate with some treasure (the payment). Her greatest fan is happy. His star will arrive soon. He holds the contract, looking forward to tell her that he has more plans for her in the future :devil:


Edited by WhiteFang

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This is my entry:

NAME: Circus

MINIFIGURE: Ringmaster

Main veiw:


Angled veiw:


Interior veiw:


This took alot of time and re-modeling so I hope you like it!

The ringmaster will probably stand in the corner of the tent.

The reason I chose clown was because he is my favorite circus figure. Plus he has to listen to ringmaster, otherwize he will get sacked! :laugh:

Edited by legowill1

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Here is my entry...

"A moonless night... a spooky graveyard...a pentagram on the ground, some evil incantations and a fresh corpse is all a dark witch needs to practice her black magic..."



Top view of the pentagram.


Edited by Yatkuu

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Title: Fight for the Queen

Series 1 Minifig: Magician

Series 2 Minifig: Mime

The evil wizard "He-who-should-not-be-mentioned-in-polite-company" has abducted the Queen of Crownland. Time-traveling magician, Strombo the Munificent, and his silent sidekick Les Mime must rescue her to restore the time stream and prevent the destruction of the universe. Les Mime puts up a force-field to save Strombo from the wizard's fireball.




More photos including one with the glass wall down: My Flickr stream

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Series 1: Robot

Series 2: Explorer

The explorer saw a fireball coming down and decided to check it out. And what did his guide saw?


Alien robot invading and mechanizing the Earth with his greeble beam.



The innocent bystander that got hit by the robot's capsule.

Edited by lisqr

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The crowd is extatic! They have been waiting for this show for ages! This is THE band of the moment, and this is THE show of the year! But the hour is growing late, the crowd is restless! Come on guys, show up it's time to rock the place!


Where is the band? Well, they're backstage... unwinding before the show!


The cop is shackled to the pole, while the american native is whipping him into submission!


Note: Any resemblance to existing current or past bands is completely not fortuitous.

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Time Storm

This is for the Explorer interacting with the Robot.

Project Time Storm

Log Author Dr Xavier Storm

Date Stamp 2157.09.18 23:27 FPT

The Time Storm project is finally operational. For the past three years I have worked with my trusted assistant Robot XF137 to develop a functioning time portal capable of accessing the distant past.

At 0700 hours the power capacitors were charged and the portal activated. I left my assistant to program the time coordinates whilst I changed into something more appropriate.

Unfortunately upon passing through the portal, not only did I discover that I had not arrived in the jungle as intended, I also discovered that the original occupant of the tomb that I had in fact arrived in was not best pleased to see me.

After spending precisely 3.45 seconds in the past, I leapt back through the portal and crash landed into my assistant who was about to follow me through the portal.

Tomorrow I think I’d better program the time coordinates myself …




The Explorer minifig fits into the space in the portal facing the Robot minifig.

For stability, the Explorer minifig also holds onto the binoculars.

These are the only three photos I've taken without the Explorer, as required by the rules of the contest.

However, you can check out the complete set on Flickr if you are interested in seeing the vignette with the Explorer included: Time Storm on Flickr

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My entry is for the karate master.

The karate master has escaped to the top of a hill where there's an ancient and abandoned japanese shrine so that he can practice in peace, away from his crazy fans. Meanwhile, his arch rival, tired of being second, has hired a ninja assassin to kill him. The ninja is quietly making his way to the top of the hill, but has the karate master already sensed his presence?

The karate master is standing in front of the shrine, and is in the process of chopping a plank in two.




A picture including the karate master can be seen at my flickr account.

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Riding Giants

This is an entry for the Surfer and the Diver .

The endless search for the perfect wave has led the surfer to this epic break. He enlists the services of the diver to capture the event. The stage is set, the diver presses record, the massive wave breaks and the surfer drops in to the barrel. However, something lurks in the deep, the reef this wave breaks over is a haven for sharks. Just as the surfer catches the ride of his life, a great white bursts from the wave in an attempt to eat him.



Hope you enjoy it,

here is a link to a few more photos. My inspiration for this came from the picture of laird hamilton riding teahupoo which is one of the most iconic shots in the world of surfing. Laird riding this wave has been described as the most significant ride in surfing history (

). When i built the wave though, it needed a bit more so i added a shark attack! Edited by squiz

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Ignorance is not bliss...

This is an entry for the Spaceman and the Roman soldier

Spaceman Hartnell loved history. He had always studied the most ancient cultures of his species' history- the Romans in particular. Unfortunately, in the far future, history has been a bit...erm... edited in such a way that things like violence are omitted or poorly underwritten.

Essentialy, censorship infected our learning.

But moving on, our brave adventurer had been from galaxy to galaxy looking for the perfect wormhole to bring him to his favourite period in history to meet the mighty Roman Empire, unaware of what he was getting himself into.

He succeeded.

Upon arriving, he presented his weapon to the first fellow he saw and placed on the ground to show that he wasn't a threat. The figure in shining bloodied armor just stared at him in alarm and then raised his spear and attacked. The spaceman, of course, ran in the opposite direction, noticing only too late that the wormhole had brought him into the middle of a gladiatorial arena where the emperor was enjoying the life and death struggles on the field below.

The Soldier, as it turned out, was condemned to die in the arena for being too well-groomed and making the other soldiers feel bad. Self-esteem, as you well know, is important to a military.

So here we are, with a strange man appearing in the worst of places being pursued by a Roman soldier for the delight of the indifferent Emperor.


Run, Spaceman, Run!


The emperor sits in his seat oblivious to the sudden arrival of a future man


And here we have a full view

For my gallery with larger versions of these pics go Here(it might not be public yet, but be patient :).

My idea for this was to have the future interact with the past, but in a way that is just a bit ridiculous. The emperor was made from what I had in my minifig parts bin, which is unfortunately, not much. The head was the closest I could get to having the leaf crown while remaining purist.

I do hope you take the time to read the story, and I hope you all enjoy this :)


Edited by ---Vertea---

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Theme: Stargate - SG1

Minifigures: Pharaoh and Cowboy

Col. O'Neill was in the middle of his costume party when the alarm for an outside activation of the stargate sounded.

To everybody's suprise Apophis crossed the ring in its most beautiful outfit hoping to join the party.



Col. O'Neill, knowing Apophis too well, decides he is not there just for a parley and hopes this ancient creature would make the wrong move.


More pictures, including the Pharaoh, here (when moderated).

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Making your [undead] way in this world today,

Takes everything you got

Taking a break from all your [undead] worries

Sure would help a lot

Count Dracula buys a drink for his buddy the Zombie after a hard day of terrorizing the world of the living:


Meanwhile, as the Mummy shambles home and the ghost walks in, Joe Vig decides he's found a new watering hole:



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The long wait

Minifig from series 1: Nurse

Imaginary Minifig from series 2: Vampire

A nurse was struggling for her freedom - she was hung from the top of the roof. Captured by a bloodthirsty creature and locked tightly by the handcuffs, there is not even a single chance that she would escape from her certain fate. Yet she would not meet her maker immediately - it would have appeared that the foul creature was watching her terrified expressions as some sort of entertainment. It is going to be a long time before the final moments.

Driven by fear and desperation, yet with nothing to turn to for help, all she could do is to imagine the creature was no longer there. That brought her some momentary peace and relief, even deep inside she knew her fate would be similar to something she was trained to do. Her blood would be drawn out by the nasty fangs, not unlike the syringe she had so often used on patients. At this very moment, at least enjoy the hallucination that it wasn't there and soon enough she will be relieved from the nightmare...



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Collectible figure from r1: Clown

Collectible figure from r2 (not included): Ringmaster

During the last week of the traveling circus, the ringmaster finally blew his top. The clown's annoying antics, continuous honking, and stupid behavior drove him insane.

Ever wonder why the ringmaster figure included a whip? Now you know. :grin:


The ringmaster would be chasing behind with his whip... :devil:

Thanks for viewing :classic:

Edited by Flare

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This is my Category B entry. Hope you will enjoy viewing my entry. I had spent quite a long time to build this entry though.

Minifigure Series 1: Cheerleader

Minifigure Series 2: Pop Star

Theme: City

The Fantasia Variety Show is finally in town. There are lots of exciting new acts such as the China Performer, Jester performance and more importantly, the special guest Pop Star who dazzles the night away along with her cheerleader performer cheering her act.

This stage is equipped with a food and drinks stand and her fans. There is also someone in black suit who wants to get her attention too with a shiny diamond gem. More importantly, listen to the music rhythm by the sexy DJ.

Actual scene with Pop Star and Cheerleader

More images can be found here.




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Theme: Uni/College, Town

Minifig Series 1: Skater

Minifig Series 2: Spartan

The skater boy has grown up and is going to college. His room-mate said that the apartment they are going to share is furnished in a Spartan way. However, this wasn't what the skater boy expected:



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Theme City

Minifigure Series 1 : Cheerleader

Minifigure Series 2 : Surfer

"Crystal is the star Cheerleader for the Brickville Football Team. The team has come to Beachville for the annual Cheerleading competition. But deepdown she isnt happy. She is lonely. The atmosphere on the team is so cutthroat, she just has to get away, so she has come left her room and come down to the Boardwalk for some fresh air. Here she starts to daydream about her dreamguy.

And he looks just like Jason the Surfer."




There are a couple more images in my Flickr SetMinifigure Entry Flickr Set

The location is inspired by the Boardwalk resort in Disney World - A great excuse to use all my Primary colours in a City setting.

I had fun making this, and spent quite a bit of time deciding which characters to choose. In fact I'm not sure Crystal dream man may not turn out to be Wayne the Weightlifter!

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Theme: City

Minifigure Series 1 : Skater

Minifigure Series 2 : Cop

"Our friend the Skater did a sweet trick down the stairs but missed the no skateboarding sign next to them. Too bad for him that the Cop was watching..."




More pictures here.

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My entry. The wall ate up a bit of my BAttle for Alamut. :laugh:

Theme: Mexico

Home: Mexican

Away: Magician

The mariachi player had a peaceful existence in his village. He made decent money playing with his maracas under his egotistical tent. Until a mysterious stranger came to town and stole the show...


More pictures. (Tells more of the story too)

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Theme: Brickrock

Minifigure S1: Caveman

Minifigure S2: Cop

Chasing the evil Brickster our dear minifig Cop finds himself lost in the long forgotten theme of Time Cruisers. Following the light over Mystic Mountain Time Lab he enters the building, looking for a phone or some help. Little does he know that the strange looking phone booth is actualy a time machine that would send him on the one way journey through time and space, straight to the cavemen's town of Brickrock. Out of place and out of his time, our hero Cop decides to do only thing he can do well - so he joins the police force of Brickrock.

You can see his motorbike and Parrot Radar Gun, as he awaits for those annoying speeding cavemen.


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Minifig Series 1: Caveman

Minifig Series 2: Traffic Cop

While driving in his foot powered car, the caveman is stopped by the traffic cop who wants to see his driving license. Poor caveman has no idea about what the cop wants but when he sees the handcuffs he smells trouble and reaches out for his club for a quick way out.



Image with the cop included

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