Collectible Minifigs: What's your favorite new part mold?

What's your favorite new part mold?  

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  1. 1. Series 1 (8683)

    • Chearleaders pom poms
    • Cavemans club
    • Cavemans hair and beard
    • Clowns horn
    • Clowns/afro hair
    • Skaters hair
    • Robots helmet
    • Magicians wand/3L bar
    • Nurses hair
    • Nurses syringe
    • Spacemans ray gun
  2. 2. Series 2 (8684)

    • Karate masters trophy
    • Life guards float
    • Maraca mans Mexican sombrero
    • Maraca mans maraca
    • Mimes beret
    • Pharaohs staff
    • Pop stars microphone
    • Pop stars hair
    • Skiers beanie
    • Skiers ski pole
    • Skiers ski
    • Spartan warriors shield
    • Spartan warriors helmet
    • Spartan warriors spear
    • Surfers surf board
    • Weightlifters weights

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Really tough desicion, here. The afro and trophy got my votes, but of course most of them are useful!

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I would definetly say the Karate kid's trophy. That thing is just beautiful and has SO many uses.

(I have finally been knighted)

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As much as I love the Spartan figure, my favourite part from Series 2 was the Pop Star's hair which I feel is the best female hairpiece LEGO has ever produced. In Series 1 the Caveman's beard is my favourite part. Both are very useful for MOCing. The Spartan's helmet is incredible but it really isn't a piece that I have a great deal of use for. The same could be said of some of the other accessories like the Cheerleader's pompoms.

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I missed this very nice topic. :thumbup:

My favorite mold from Series 1 is the Skater's hair piece. Not only for the looks but for quality also.

I only have six of the Series 2 minifigs (I got them today) so I really can't say for sure which is my favorite part from those. From what I have seen from various photos, the Spartan helmet, the sombrero and the Skier's beanie are the pieces I like the most so I ended up voting for the sombrero.


Am I the only one who thinks that the Nurse hair piece makes the head look chubby? :wacko:

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That's a great and very interesting topic, Rick! :classic:

It was really hard to vote since there are really more than only one accessory per series which is outstanding.

But finally I made my vote:

Series 1:

skater's hair :wub:

amazing up-to-date hair hairstyle

It would be awesome if we get this hairpiece in regular brown color even in non-limited and non-exclusive sets, too!

Series 2:

karate guy's trophy :wub:

excellent accessory (for decorating a living room, an exhibition etc.)

Another trophies in silver and copper color would surely look great.


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Skater's hair and sombrero for me.

It was a close call though, I absolutely adore the nurse's hair, the afro and the ray gun! And I still don't have all of series 2 yet (I'm playing the game, you see!), but I honestly don't think anything to come could top an actual Lego sombrero. I mean, come on! I've been wanting one of those for years!

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Caveman's hair is my choice for series 1. We've needed a hair piece like that for a while. And I am always in favor of new beards.

The karate master trophy is my chose for series too. I hope we it in more colors. It would make a great voodoo doll. The sombrero is a very very close second. We need it in other colors too.


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