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Mister Phes

Mort de La Mare

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Mort de La Mare

Beware all ye Buccaneers! Should you stray from your western seas and voyage into the Mediterranean you will fall prey to the Corsair Galley "Mort de La Mare".

This 17th-century Lateen Rigged Vessel, built on a Xebec hull, with its shallow draft and maneuverability owes it's great success to being painted black and making the majority of its raids at night.

The great ram, being driven through the hull of the target ship, a shot is fired from the fore facing cannon, clearing the decks and allowing the janissaries to board the enemy uncontested. All those who oppose the capture armed are mercilessly cut to pieces, all who surrender will find themselves chained to the oars for the remainder of their days or sold in the slave markets of Brickoli on the Barbary coast.

The Vessel is built from the remains of a Caribian Clipper and a large selection of spare parts. Please note the turbans and Jezail featured in "fore detail.jpg" which are constructed from Utile Plast material. The janissaries' feature modified torsos representing brocaded waistcoats and cummerbunds. There is a storage area below the 'cabin' and near the fore deck and a secret panel beneath the centre cannon platform reveals the hidden loot from captured vessels. Oar Slaves are kept in check by liberal application of the wip and drum beats regulate the oar strokes.

Thanks are offered to Kenneth Tam, Richie Dunlin for their general and torso modification advice and Tom Reed for Lateen Sail construction suggestions.

This Model is not a historical or marine acurate reproduction, just a fun project.

Please do not make religious or political assumptions regarding its construction or presentation here.


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